Monday, July 9, 2012

Menu Monday: Summery Meals

This week's meals, once again, were all meals that didn't require the oven. 
We are still trying to stay cool around here. 
Hopefully, by Wednesday things will start to cool

This meal was all over blogs last summer, and when I remembered it last week, I knew it was the perfect "cold" meal for us. It's a great combination of flavors, super easy, all "real" food, and delicious. 

BLTA's and Corn on the Cob

BLT+Avocado = BLTA! These were great! J also put some brie on his. They were exceptionally good since the tomatoes came from our local farmer's market. YUM!

Other meals from this week that never got photographed:
Grilled Chicken Sandwiches, Corn on the Cob, and Grilled Veggies

Alright, your turn! Hope you link today!


  1. The tortellini salad looks yum! I had been craving cold tortellini with pesto. But since we have 1000 boxes of pasta in the pantry, I made due with bowtie pasta with pesto.

  2. I made a tortellini salad very similar to that last year. I think it was going around in the blog/twitter world. The BLTA looks amazing. I love brie so that would be a treat! J doesn't eat any veggies accept for spinach (in a salad) so it's always hard to find choices for him. I think both of these would work!

  3. I made that pasta last summer- thank you for reminding me!

  4. ooooh love all your oven free dinner ideas!