Monday, July 16, 2012

Menu Monday

Happy Monday Menuers! Hope you all have been eating well.
Here's what we ate this week:

I usually make this with london broil, but we had flank steak in the freezer, so flank steak it was! The orzo recipe was one I found thanks to a post from Iowa Girl Eats...and it was an excellent summery side! I highly recommend it!

Shredded Chicken Tacos and Green Chile Frittata 

For the tacos, I baked my chicken with EVOO and s&p for about 40 minutes (covered), then Is shredded it. After that, I put that shredded chicken in a pan over medium heat with some water and this taco seasoning. After about 5 minutes, my chicken was perfectly seasoned! We topped our tacos with avocados, cilantro, lime, and salsa.

Goat Cheese Ravioli with Vodka Sauce and Mixed Green Salad

Since moving to Charlotte, a few people have told me about this great, local shop called Pasta and Provisions. I finally made a trip over there and bought some things last week, including this. There food is fresh, but makes for a quick meal on a night when I don't feel like cooking. I'll definitely be going back!
Cherry-Walnut-Gorgonzola Gnocchi and Mixed Greens Salad

So, there were two opinions regarding this meal...I really liked it, J didn't quite feel the same way. But, then again, he doesn't like cherries very much! I started with this recipe, and basically did the same thing, just threw in some gorgonzola and switched hazelnuts for walnuts since we already had a bag of them. For me, it was a great blend of sweet and savory, but it just wasn't J's thing. 

Now it's your turn! Link up below so we can see what you're eating!


  1. Looks delicious as always! I always forget about orzo.... yum!

  2. So are there cheeses and foods you can't eat when you're pregnant? Has that affected your menus at all? ( :

  3. Just pinned that fritatta so I can make it another day. Sounds so good!