Saturday, July 7, 2012

our very mellow fourth...

Our Independence Day was a rather mellow one this year. With J recovering from knee surgery, and me being pregnant and all, we figured fighting the crowds to see fireworks in the heat just wasn't in the cards for us this year.

Our day ended up being a great one though! Rosie and I went for an early morning walk. It gets so hot in the later part of the day, but if we go out early a walk is still doable. After returning, it somehow got in my head that I needed fried pickles for lunch. And once that was in my head, there was no turning back! J and I went to Bad Daddy's and I had a delicious plate of fried pickles, along with a grilled chicken sandwich with apples, bacon, and cheese....and there may have been homemade chips and pimento cheese on my plate too. It was holiday...that makes it okay, right??

Here I am in my red, white, and blue....

For the rest of the afternoon, I spent a lot of time cleaning up and organizing all my craft and scrapbook stuff. We have a large "bonus" type room on the first floor of the house, and up until yesterday, my stuff was still in boxes down there. It feels great to finally have most of it set up. Once it's all finished, I'll try to share a picture.

Around 9:00, I thought I'd tune in to NBC to watch fireworks on TV. I figured I would watch 'em on there since we weren't going out, but low and behold, right around this time, the people who live behind us starting setting off their own fireworks. And we're not talking small stuff, these were some legit fireworks!

This 4th of July was not the most eventful, but it's kind of what we needed. Hopefully next year we'll be able to enjoy some "real" fireworks with our baby girl. Hope your holiday was a great one!


  1. Love the red white and blue bump!! Too cute!

  2. Love your holiday outfit! Super cute!