Tuesday, August 14, 2012

29 Weeks

This is a little late this week....almost 30 weeks, but I still want to document week 29!

(thank you Rosie for attempting to photo bomb my weekly photo shoot again)

How Far Along: 29 Weeks

Size of Baby:  Acorn Squash, about 3 pounds, however I did have a dream Sunday night that I went in for an ultrasound and was told she was weighing in at 5 pounds and would be 15 pounds at birth. Let's hope that isn't the case!

Total Weight Gain: I was up 19 pounds when they weighed me at the doctor last week.

Gender: Baby girl!

Movement: Lots, I can also feel her under my belly all the time now. I love that. And hiccups seem to be an almost daily thing now.

Sleep: Horrible. No other way to put it!

Maternity Clothes: One of the biggest perks to a summer pregnancy is getting to wear cotton sundresses. Makes it much easier to stretch out your wardrobe!

Symptoms: My rib and back pain is just awful. I'm just so uncomfortable 75% of the time. Heating pads, laying down, and being in the pool/water seem to help relieve some of the pain, but it doesn't go away. 

Cravings: Still craving sweets

What I miss: Being able to sit for more than half an hour without feeling lots of discomfort.

Best Moment from the Past Week: Starting our childbirth class! 

What I Am Looking Forward To: My first shower is coming up this week! Excited to celebrate the baby girl AND see so many people I love.


  1. You look so so great and can't believe it, it's getting so close!!!!!! :)

  2. You look great!! Won't be too much longer.

  3. You look great! I can't wait to hear about your shower!

  4. Have you tried a chiropractor? Many insurances cover a certain number of visits per year with a co-pay. just make sure they are experienced with pregnant women. Your OB may even be able to reccomend one.

  5. I second the chiropractor! I had a lot of rib pain at the end and going to a chiropractor once a week helped IMMENSELY! Make sure you find a chiropractor who specializes or is familiar with prenatal chiropractics!

    Good luck with the last 10 weeks!

  6. Looking adorable as ever! Does baby girl have a name yet?!

    Sorry you're in pain. The good news is that you're in the home strech.

  7. You look fantastic! :)

  8. So close! I can't wait to see pictures from the shower.

  9. I remember that rib and back pain and it was AWFUL. Hands down, I would say that was the worst part of the whole deal. I never felt like I could breathe because of it. Hope it gives you a break soon!