Wednesday, August 8, 2012

our fourth anniversary

We celebrated our 4th anniversary two weeks ago, but then we left for vacation and I never got to do a recap post. So here it is a few weeks late...

I know I post these photos each year, but I love the walk down memory lane. Here we are on our anniversary for the past 4 years...

First Anniversary

Second Anniversary

Third Anniversary

And this year...Fourth Anniversary

For our fourth anniversary, we had dinner at Toscana. Charlotte Restaurant Week just so happened to be going on the week of our anniversary, so it was fun trying out a three course meal at a new place.

J and I both enjoy gifting each other on our anniversary with gifts that fit either the traditional or modern gift connected to that anniversary. Sometimes we have to branch out a bit, but it's fun to see how we each interrupt it! I got J a new linen shirt for the traditional gift of linen, along with a few smaller things, and he branched out a bit with the British traditional fourth year gift of flowers and bought me a new hydrangea bush for our backyard AND he planted it in the hot, muggy weather! He also got me a blue mason jar to put my cut hydrangeas in once the bush produces some flowers. I'm just hoping I can keep it alive! He also got the baby some flower headbands (awww!). 


  1. That's so sweet! Great gifts too :)

  2. He planted a flower when it was hot and humid AND he has a knee brace. That is love.

  3. Happy Anniversary!

  4. I love hydrangeas! I've heard if you plant them with pennies that they will be bluer.

  5. What a perfect gift he gave you! We try to keep with the traditional ones too, makes it more original and fun I think!

  6. Happy belated anniversary, Rachel!

  7. Happy Anniversary!!!! It looks like you had a lovely time.

  8. Such sweet anniversary pictures! :)