Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday Rambling

I have so much to share on here! Lots of pictures from my trip to Virginia, and all about my Richmond shower. I'll get around to it eventually!

So sorry to those of you who were ready to link up on Monday for Menu Monday. I just couldn't get my act together and get my post up. It will definitely be back next week.

In the's a bit of a brain dump for this Wednesday morning, I'll try not to ramble too much!

1. We have finished our child birth classes! Do I feel ready to give birth? No way! It's still a very overwhelming thing to think about, but I definitely feel more prepared. I'm glad we did the class and think J and I both got some beneficial information from the class.

2. I've been doing a lot of research about bringing the baby home to a house with 2 big (spoiled) dogs. I definitely plan to have J or a family member bring home a blanket first so the dogs can smell it, and I also plan to enter the house without the baby in my arms when I leave the hospital. Does anyone else have some good suggestions that worked for your family? I am not too worried about Rosie, she was in a home with young kids before we adopted her, but this will be all new to Layla. I want it to be as easy as we can make it on her. I just feel like her whole life if about to get turned upside down.

3. I recently read Gone Girl and Where We Belong while we were on vacation. I highly recommend both! Any suggestions on what I should read next?

4. I am so ready for fall TV! All of these summer reality shows that come on in the evening just aren't doing it for me. I am ready for our favorites to return, along with some of the new shows that are coming out (Nashville especially!)

5. Today marks 10 years since I moved into my freshmen dorm at JMU. I am so confused as to how in the world ten years have passed. It's crazy how much has changed in ten years. Ten years ago I was leaving home for the first time, and now I'm getting ready to bring my own baby girl into the world. 

6. Pumpkin beer is everywhere! And I must admit, it's killing me that I can't have any. Time to start stocking up so I have some to drink once our baby is here. Go out and drink one for me if you're not pregnant. Fall is my favorite beer season!

Okay....enough rambling for one morning!
Happy Wednesday!


  1. I loved our childbirth class. It was SO much more helpful in birth than I thought it would've been!
    Yay for it being over... one step closer to baby!

  2. I moved in to my first college dorm 10 years ago too! Crazy how fast the time goes!

    I enjoyed our childbirth class and I liked having as much info as I could beforehand. Nothing really prepares you to give birth, but you will do great! I'm more apprehensive about giving birth again when we have another baby because I know what to expect now lol!

  3. As I mentioned on Twitter, we start our childbirth classes tonight.
    Early much? Maybe, but I'm ready to get these classes over.
    I'm ready for an adult beverage too!

  4. Hi, I am new to your blog but really loving your recent posts as well as all of your great recipes! I had a baby girl in late 2010 and your posts bring back some very happy memories of planning for our first child! Regarding your question on preparing the dogs, we also have a big dog that was our baby prior to having our daughter. My husband brought home the little cap that our daughter wore right after she was born and let our dog smell it and get used to the new smell before we came home from the hospital. That really seemed to help our dog. I was very nervous about how the two would get along but it's been just perfect. Best of luck to you!

  5. When you get info on the dog situation, blog about it, because this is something that I'm definitely interested in hearing about since we have a dog too.

  6. Ahh are we twinsies? I was JUST thinking today I am going to stock up on pumpkin beer!! So the month of November with football, Thanksgiving, beer and the Christmas is pretty much shot for losing the weight. I plan on hitting the diet post baby pretty hard after New Years.

    We took our class last night and they suggested the same exact thing about the new baby and dog. Most dogs will grow to love and protect. Just do not leave them together alone as I am sure you are aware. Mine is pretty great around kids/babies except when they touch her food or carry her too much which is understandable.

    I cannot wait for all the shows either. After the Olympics tv has been BORING! I need to put all the new shows we want to check out in my calendar : )

  7. I did so much research on the dog thing, and Zia cared about Ethan for the first 10 seconds, and was already over him when we got home. :)

    Jarrod brought a blanket and Ethan's hat home while we were in the hospital, and put them on the dining room chair (I think) for them to smell and get used to for 1-2 days before we came home.

    When we did come home, I came in the house by myself first and greeted them, then Jarrod came in with Ethan. We put Ethan in his swing within the first few minutes, and Zia sniffed him (I got a picture of it.), and just as quickly came over to us, excitedly, ignoring him. :)

  8. I did what the above posters said with our 90lbs German shep. We also make my husband (our dogs favourite) always plays with him alone everyday and makes special time for him so he doesn't feel resentful. He honestly could care less about our son lol and that's 7 months in. I hope when our son is older they will get along and play together!!

  9. We did everything they say you're supposed to when you bring a baby home to dogs. We made sure to tell them about all the new baby stuff coming in and then we took them to the kennel while we were in the hospital. Mr. P picked them up after we all got home with a blanket of BG's to sit with. When they got home, I was sitting on the couch and the baby was in the swing. They paid attention to her for all of about 30 seconds and then laid down and took a nap. That was all she wrote :) We've never had a problem.

  10. Hi! Found your blog through Blue Eyed Bride. We also have two dogs and when I had my first baby (Nov 2010), we had my husband come in the house first (since the dogs like him more!), then I came in with the baby. They sniffed her, we showed them love, then we went on about our day.

    We did make sure to include them in a lot of things we did. If I was going into my daughter's room to rock her or change her diaper, I would invite the dogs to come along with me. I read somewhere that dogs will notice if you are only playing with them while the baby is sleeping, or "gone" in their eyes. They'll realize that they get attention when the baby isn't around.

    Good luck!!