Sunday, September 9, 2012

33 Weeks + some questions!

We're 33 weeks! This last trimester is flying by. Even if you don't read all of my update, please read to the end if you're a mom, I have some questions!

How Far Along: 33 Weeks

Size of Baby:  A durian...which I have never heard of before. For any other curious folks, here's what wikipedia has to say about 'em.

Total Weight Gain: +26 pounds

Gender: Baby girl! Still doesn't have an official name for all those wondering. 

Movement: All the time. This past week we've had fun trying to identify "parts." We know she's head down thanks to my doctor's appointment on Wednesday, so I think I know when and where I'm feeling her shoulders, back/bottom, and feet. 

Sleep: I had one or two nights this week of wonderful sleep, no interruptions or pain, but the past two nights have just been awful. Painful, uncomfortable, fun.

Maternity Clothes: My order from Old Navy came in and I love a lot of the stuff I got for fall. I didn't get a ton, but enough to get me through the next month and half.

Symptoms: Rib and back pain. Bloody nose came back with a vengeance this week. Also experiencing some heartburn.

Bellybutton: Still flat, hasn't popped yet. I give it 2 weeks, tops!

Cravings: Baked goods, lucky charms....

What I miss: Sleeping on my belly. Not waking up in pain.

Best Moments from the Past Week
  • Went to a consignment sale with my friend Faith and got some great stuff for the baby at some great prices!
  • My shower in Charlotte that was yesterday...more on that later!
  • We got a few more nursery items marked off the to do list.
What I Am Looking Forward To: This week we're meeting with a pediatrician. Hoping all goes well and we like him.  Also? The weather is supposed to be beautiful this week with little to no humidity. I am REALLY excited about that!

  • What sort of questions should I ask the pediatrician at our consultation visit?
  • When did you install your car seat?
  • At what point were your bags packed and ready to go to the hospital?
  • Have you done a post on how you keep all of your baby's "stuff" organized (everything from clothes, diapers, bath stuff, bows, shoes, etc.)? If so, will you please share the link with me?
Thank you!


  1. That's so exciting! I'm about 26 weeks and can't believe how fast it's going! You look great! Also, I love all of your nursery pictures I keep seeing on Twitter...can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. Not a mom, but a well versed Auntie.....When my friend had her baby last Nov I sent her to pinterest got some good ideas from there......Good luck

  3. We had our car seat installed around 35 or 36 weeks and my bags were packed at 34 weeks with a note on top of all the last minute things I couldn't pack (like iphone, chargers, laptop, camera, pillow, etc.)

  4. Hi there! While still waiting on the baby (I'm 36 weeks), just today I finished packing my bags (well, what I could), her bags and installing the car seats. Hope that helps!

    You look great!

  5. Great questions! I'm only 22 weeks, but am wondering about those same things..especially the organization!

  6. You have inspired me to do a post on baby organization! We installed the car seat about two weeks before we were due. I packed my bag a few days before I was induced...panicking all of my friends and my mother.

    We have already switched pediatricians at 10 months old! What I did NOT like about my former pedi that I wish I had known before... will we be assigned to one doctor or many docs, will shots be in a private room or out in the open (we had the latter...traumatizing), will there be separate sick/well waiting areas... We are very happy with the office we've switched to!

  7. I love that you and Faith are real life friends. I read her blog now because she is having twins.
    We did not "install" our carseat until we got ready to leave the hospital. We have Chicco bases and they just snap in. Pretty simple. Not a big job to stress over. The convertable carseat is another story. I always go to the fire dept. to have those installed properly. I did not post on my organizantion, but it might be a good idea. One tip would be make a few baskets of diapers, wipes and butt cream to keep around your house. We have one in our room, one in the living room and of course in the nursery. That way they are always on hand for a quick change. I mean I spent 24/7 in the living room when I was on maternity leave and the twins did not venture upstairs to the nursery until about 5 months. :) Looking good momma.

  8. We asked our ped if he had his own kids, how long he's been a dr., what's his tolerance for anxious moms lol (I actually almost never call with questions, but it was nice to know I could if I needed to and they wouldn't think I was nuts), what his knowledge on BFing was, etc. If you plan on delaying any vaccinations (we didn't) you should bring that up too. Ask if they have any weekend hours and what to do if there's an issue in the middle of the night and you need to talk to a Dr. from the office.

    We installed the car seat when I was 37 weeks in case I went into labor early. I didn't want to install it too early because God forbid you get into a fender bender, then you have to get an all new carseat.

    I had my hospital bag packed around 38 weeks, but once my water broke at 39 weeks, I had to run around a bit and pack my makeup, shampoo, razor, hair dryer, flat iron, etc. I highly recommend bringing your makeup. I felt much better about myself after a shower and getting done up a bit the day after giving birth. I was in a nightgown and felt like hell on the inside, but at least I looked decent.

    I don't think I did a post on organization, but here's what we do: Nice shirts, pants, jackets, etc. are in the closet. We have a dresser w/a changing pad on top, no changing table. All of the diapers, wiper, etc. are in the top drawer of the dresser. The second drawer was all of Landon's onesies when he wore those, as well as his comfy pants. Third drawer was PJs, socks, and hats. The bottom drawer had some clothes he was too small for but we knew he'd need in future months. Bibs (which we don't need anymore) and washcloths are in a basket on the floor near the dresser. I keep L's towels in the closet with his nicer clothes. His other closet holds random toys we aren't using, boxes of diapers, more wipes, etc. L didn't wear shoes until he could walk, and he only has one pair now. They're in the living room with the rest of our shoes.

  9. Hi Rachel! I think I packed my hospital bag while in labor, but I had a list/pile going ahead of time. Installed the carseat maybe a week or 2 before the due date? As for pediatrician... I'm not sure what questions to ask but I though I was going to really like our 1st one, he was older and pretty laid back, but I felt like he didn't listen to my questions. I love our new on in NH, she is about my age and really current on new research and such, really listens to me. So maybe try to get a sense of if the doctor listens well? You guys will do great, can't wait to hear about her arrival!

  10. I had my bag packed by 30 weeks probably. I kept it in the nursery and just added things as I thought of them. I thought I was so prepared. J came 2 weeks early, and wouldn't you know, I didn't have my bag with me when we had to go to the hospital!

    I installed my car seat by 36 weeks at the latest. You just never know!

  11. I think the car seat and bag were pretty much completed by 37 weeks. Just in case ;)

  12. Looking great and glad you asked those questions I have the same!

  13. Here is a post I did about choosing a pediatrician!

    and we had everything ready to go at 37 weeks!

    Good luck!

  14. We packed two separate bags. I had one for labor and delivery and one for the hospital stay. I was planning on having a natural delivery and felt there were some things I'd need, but wouldn't need them the whole time. I think I started the bags about a month before, but didn't complete until the last minute (it gave me something to help pass time while I was in labor!) I did keep a running list in my phone. I'm due the same day as you and will probably start packing in October just to be safe, but will have to keep a note with last minute stuff on top.

    As for pediatrician. (BTW-my childhood pediatrician is AMAZING and was the standard bearer for me and he's in Charlotte. Jamison Satterfield) I was interested in an alternate vaccine schedule so that was important to me. Knowledge of breastfeeding (ours is actually married to a lactation consultant so he's a bit of BF stickler-that may also be something you'd want to know). ease of scheduling appointments. Will I always see the same doctor (many in Greensboro always rotate-it was important to us to see the same one) What do we do in case of an emergency? (after office hours and availability, etc.) Our doctor answers his own after hours calls, which is awesome, but there is no after hours clinic so if we have to see someone it's the ED-not as awesome. View on antibiotics.

    As for organization. I have done NOTHING for this baby. But, with Monroe, I used a wide 6 drawer dresser with a changing pad on top instead of a changing table. We had a little organizer on top for creams, etc. We also used cloth diapers adn we used cloth wipes. We ultimately got a wipe warmer even though I originally deemed it unnecessary because he cried when the wipes were cold. I kept wipes in there with a homemade solution. Most of our clothes were hung in the closet, but I organized my drawers by size at first. One was newborn and 0-3, 3-6, and then 6-12. Another drawer held linens, one held diapers, one held odds and ends like socks, cold weather gear, bathing suits, etc. Now, They're divided into diapers, linens, socks/bathing suits/mittens, etc, pjs, tops, bottoms. One piece stuff gets hung. I probably made that switch around 12 mos. At first it was helpful to have the next size readily available and put away.

    At first, we always changed him on the changing table. We live in a ranch, so it wasn't inconvenient to go to his room for diaper changes. Friends with larger homes have had a basket with diapers and wipes stashed around the house. Now, we just change a diaper wherever we happen to be. With the new baby, we'll go back to changing in the bedroom because they have more going on and are easier on a table.

    I can't remember when we installed the car seat. I know I didn't want to lose that space too early. I just ordered our new seat and we'll probably play with that a little earlier than last time, but only because I'm not sure how to configure two of them and need to figure that out. If you want to have it checked out at the fire department you may want to do it a little earlier, but otherwise I'd probably wait until 37-38 weeks.

  15. LOVE this post, and you look great!
    Can't believe it's just 7 weeks to go...

    In answer to your questions:
    Ask your paed anything that is on your mind. We kept it short because he answered everything before we started but any concerns you may have, or what to expect etc.

    We installed our car seat at 34 weeks, and we started practicing using it with a teddy for a week or two - we did the same with our pram! It can be tricky first time round and you don't want to be stuck on day 1 with your baba!

    My bags were packed and ready at 34 weeks too - you just never where or when things could happen! Rather be ready and waiting then be surprised and disorganised...

    I haven't dine a post on how we keep things organised - but I am more than happy to send you an email update with pics? Let me know.

    Good luck! x

  16. Soooo close!!!

    Your ped will likely answer most of the typical questions on the "what to ask a ped" checklist without you even asking. My biggest concern, in hindsight, was breastfeeding support...are there LCs on staff; if my baby has any weight issues, is your immediate response going to be formula or will you work with me to meet my breastfeeding goals, etc. We vaccinate on the regular schedule but if delaying or skipping vaccines is something you're interested in, definitely ask about that. Stance on antibiotics (is he open to trying more natural remedies first). Will you be charged for after-hours contact (ours charges $15 to speak w/ the on-call nurse at night - annoying).

    We installed the car seat at about 36 weeks, but only kept the base in the car. That way, if we were in an accident, we'd only have to replace the base.

    I didn't pack my bag until a few days before 39 weeks (my scheduled c/s date). I was kind of in denial about the whole c/s thing and somehow thought that if I didn't prepare for it, I'd just magically have a normal labor. Given the fact that had I gone into labor on my own it would have been an emergency situation, everyone (including my OB) thought I was nuts for not having a bag ready. I probably was. Oh well.

  17. We didn't do the interview w/the pedi b/c our office didn't do those. I think the important thing would be to find out if your pedi is by the book or has a little bit of their own style. Our pedi is very laid back and I love that about her. She'll tell us what should be happening at each milestone but if there's one thing she's not doing it's never a big huge deal. She's also been really great/supportive of my parenting decisions which I think is awesome.
    I think I had my car seat installed early bc I was just so excited! LOL. Maybe around 36 weeks? Crazy!
    I probably had my bag somewhat packed around the same time. I just packed the things that I knew 100% I wouldn't need UNTIL we were at the hospital {pads, baby clothes, etc}.
    Hope that helps!

  18. We never interviewed a ped...just went with our gut, and SO thrilled we did.

    We installed the car seat...hmm...maybe a month in advance.

    My bags were packed at just after 38 weeks...because at 38w4d, we found out I'd need a c-section, so, I came home that day and packed because my surgery was 3 days later.

    I don't think I ever did a post about organization. :\

  19. Lets see...we interviewed our pediatrician who came highly recommended from lots of people. Our interview didn't quite go as planned. I'd found out the day before tht I was already 2 cm dilated and fully effaced the day before and was having irregular contractions so I knew I was in early labor and I was exaclty 36 weeks. So mostly we just talked about what it would mean to have a baby that early and what we could do to ensure I was able to breast feed since early babies often have a lot of issues nursing.

    We had our bags packed at 32 weeks because at that point I was on bedrest and we knew an early baby was possible. I think we installed our car seat around then and we had it checked at the police station to make sure it was correct.

    As far as organizing baby things. We keep baby towels and washtowles in a basket in our hall bath (the one way bath baby in) that's also where we keep all baby bath stuff, back up baby soap, shampoo, baby bath tub etc. We keep extra crib sheets in the linen closet where we keep our extra sheets. We keep 2toy baskets and one baby quilt in the family room and all other baby stuff goes in nursery. We keep a basket full of baby blankets by the crib. we keep burp clothes, bibs, socks, hats, headbands, and diaper covers in top drawer of dresser, next drawer is clothes she's currently weary that don't get hung up (pants, onsies, shirts), bottom drawer is next size she will grow into. we keep shoes in to small baskets on the book shelf which holds all baby books, we hang up all sleepers, overalls, dresses and rompers, cardigans, coats in her current size and the next one. Everything bigger we keep in a rubber maid storage bin in closet. Stuff she's outgrown goes in rubber storage bins in the garage. We keep one basket of toys/stuffed animals in the bedroom. we keep any thing else baby related in the nursery closet. oh except feeding stuff, baby spoons, bowls, bottles etc all in kitchen.

  20. If I recall correctly, we installed the car seat around 38 or 39 weeks. I made a list of things to pack very early (20-30 weeks?), but I didn't actually pack my hospital bag until I went into labor. I had several hours at home with nothing to do, so packing was a good distraction.

    I found the pediatrician we wanted to use, and she actually had a list of questions to ask on her website. They've updated the website, so I can't find it now, but you should be able to Google to get example lists to make your own.

    Although I'm a super organized person, I haven't done a post on baby stuff organization. I just kept things I needed (my breast friend pillow, nipple shields and multiple burp cloths) very close at hand. We have a small canvas tote with metal handles that holds diapers & wipes, and it was nice to be able to take that anywhere we needed, especially as the baby got older, and we moved on to changing diapers wherever we were and not just the changing table.

  21. And as others have mentioned, all clothes went in the dresser with the changing pad on top. No clothes hanging when they are that tiny. Drawers were organized by size, and one thing I will do differently with #2 is ignore the tag size and hold clothes up to see what's tiny and what's bigger. Sometimes when I moved up a size (and therefore to the next drawer) I would find things that were too small already!