Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Charlotte Baby Shower: Isn't She Lovely

This past Saturday, my baby girl and I were showered with love and more baby gear from some of my sweet friends in Charlotte. I have only been living here for about 14 months, but I've been lucky enough to meet some really special women in that time, most of them through blogging! It was really hard to leave such great friends in Virginia Beach and Norfolk, but I really feel like I've found a wonderful circle of women to call friends here. 

Here's the invitation my hostesses had designed by Sweet Birdie's Nest
So precious!

The food table and decor were all just adorable! Everything was in pink and orange, the color of our nursery. The hostesses saw this picture on my nursery inspiration board, and kind of went from there...

How cute are those cookies by Holly
Aren't they a perfect match to the tree picture? I was so impressed!
The banner said "Isn't She Lovely?"

Like I said above, I was definitely showered with gifts!
This baby girl has so many cute things!

Some of my teacher friends from school and sweet baby H!
He's the little guy J and I babysat for a few weeks ago.

Me and Faith! I spent the morning at her baby shower for her twin girls which was also precious!

Me and sweet Lauren, I have loved getting to know her since moving here!

And last, but certainly not least, me and the fabulous hostesses.
I love each of these girls so much!
Katie, Erin, Me, Ashley, and Michelle 
(thank you for opening up you home to all the guests M!)

And you know what's really fun? Katie and Ashley are both expecting babies in March! That means between my baby girl, Faith's twins, and Ashley and Katie's babies, there were FIVE babies on the way at the my shower! So fun! I love being able to share this pregnancy with friends.

I can't say thank you to these girls enough! It was such a special day and I felt so loved. I know I've said this before, but Charlotte is feeling more and more like "home," and a large part of that is due to these friends. I am a very lucky gal!


  1. They really put on a fabulous shower for you! My favorite part is the cookies that match your artwork, what a special touch. We have a shower for my sister this weekend who is due in December- and I am also expecting in March!

  2. What a beautiful shower! Glad you had fun!

  3. What a beautiful shower! It looks like you had a wonderful time.

  4. What a sweet post! I'm so glad I get to be apart of that circle of friends :)

    The pictures turned out great!! I'm so glad you enjoyed your shower! Can't wait to meet that baby girl and find our her sweet name!

  5. Love all the pics! So cute :) Love Michelle's blog will check the others! Just curious how did you meet them from your area is there a certain search or just stumbled upon? I'm looking for a few in my area also haven't yet. Won't be long till our girls are here!

  6. Wow! The food/cookies/cupcakes were so adorable they look professionally made!

  7. Those cookies looked amazing!

  8. I just absolutely adore the orange and pink color scheme... and I might totally rip off that tree picture on a canvas for my wall.

    So so pretty!

    As for the shower... you're a lucky girl!! What an awesome group of women!

  9. Maybe it's the hormones, but this post made me a little teary! We had such a fun time celebrating you & baby W!

  10. What a fun shower! I love your pink and orange scheme. What a blessing to have found such great friends in Charlotte!

  11. So cute and love the theme!! I wore that same dress for my first shower :)

  12. It was a beautiful shower and I was so happy to be a part of celebrating your sweet little girl!

  13. I'm still so sad I missed this! Looks like a lovely time :)

    I hope you've ordered that print for your nursery. It is too cute!!

  14. How cute! The decorations and food look so amazing. It looks like it was a wonderful shower and time.

  15. Rachel, what a sweet post! Beverly and I enjoyed creating these invitations for you and they are definitely one of our favorite designs this year. Maybe I'll run into you somewhere...we're in Charlotte too ;) So glad I found your blog and can follow along.

  16. Everything, from the invitations to the food was just lovely. I would have also wished to see if there were favors for that baby shower party as well!

  17. This shower looks ADORABLE!! :)