Monday, September 10, 2012

Menu Monday

Happy Monday!
Not sure about how it is where you are, but it's gorgeous and cool here today.
I might have to break out a few pumpkin and soup recipes this week!

Here's what we enjoyed last week!

This was my first time making something with hatch chiles that I had roasted myself! So glad I was able to find some all the way out here on the east coast. Now I have to be honest here...although I was told by WR and Kate that I HAD to use Velveeta in this, I just couldn't do it. My pregnancy stomach hasn't had many aversions, but I just couldn't handle the thought of eating Velveeta. And while I believe it was probably would have been just fine, I went with double the cheddar. Still yummy. I might make again while not pregnant and attempt it with the Velveeta!

This was sort of a farewell to summer pasta dish. I recently met up with Nina who just moved to Charlotte, and she was so sweet! Check out her blog for some great recipes!

Always a favorite. We also love these because they give us lots of leftovers!

I've made this quiche at least half a dozen times now and it never fails. J and I both love it. If you're looking for a good quiche recipe, this is it!

Penne & Sausage Casserole, Mixed Greens Salad, and Garlic Bread

This casserole is heavy and cheesy, but man, it's good! J actually made two trays of this for us so we could freeze one to eat after the baby came. Now that we're getting close, we're trying to freeze a few meals. We don't have lots of freezer space, but it'll be nice to have a few meals in there for us.

Alrighty, that's all I got for this week. What have you been cooking or what do you plan to make this week? Link up below!
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  1. These all look so good! I definitely want to try the green chile mac & cheese!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the Hatch Mac & Cheese - and totally understand the fear of velveeta. I was shocked myself when after lots of testing different mac n cheese recipes I preferred one that included velveeta. I'm usually such a food snob.

    Hope those hatches did you and baby on board right!

  3. What great meals last week! YUM!!!!

  4. RACHEL. SIGH. If I lived in NC, I'd bring over a huge casserole dish of Hatch Mac and not tell you if I put Velveeta in it. I suppose I'll give you a pass this time, what with the baby on board and all. :) Kidding, kidding - I am sure it was still ridiculously delicious!

    Now I want mac. And quiche.

  5. I thought that pasta looked familiar :) I hope y'all enjoyed it!!