Sunday, October 7, 2012

37 Weeks

How Far Along: 37 Weeks...FULL TERM!

Size of Baby: A Swiss Chard (?) - at our ultrasound last Tuesday her estimated weight was 6 pounds 9 ounces, that's the 64th percentile for 36.5 weeks.

Total Weight Gain: +32 pounds

Gender: Still a girl! I had the ultra sound tech confirm this for me on Tuesday.

Movement: She's not getting the memo that I don't appreciate some of these feet in my ribs....either way, I know this is what I'll miss the most once she's here. I do love feeling her wiggle around in there.

Sleep: Meh....same old story. Sleep is painful and uncomfortable, but I'm so exhausted that I do sleep.

Maternity Clothes: The maternity jeans and pants I bought early in the 2nd trimester? Yeah, they don't fit anymore. I have a pair of skinny jeans from Destination Maternity and some leggings, and those are the only pants I can really tolerate wearing. Well...and yoga pants! 

Symptoms/SIgns of Labor
  • I'm 2cm dilated and 70% effaced, hopefully this means she'll be here before the due date on the 25th
  • Heartburn and Reflux is OOC. I feel like I can't eat anything these days.
  • Lots of pressure in my belly when I walk and some cramping, all mild though
  • More contractions, but nothing consistent or painful
Bellybutton: It's out when I'm standing up, but still lays flat if I'm laying down

Cravings: Oreos/Cookies and Cream anything. 

What I miss: My body feeling like it's mine. I love this baby girl to pieces, but I'm ready to love her from outside of the womb. 

Best Moments from the Past Week
  • Seeing her at the ultrasound! We got some good shots of her face. Also love hearing that she's a good, healthy weight. 
What I Am Looking Forward To: Just hearing about the progress I've made at the next appointment this week. It's so surreal that we're getting this close to the end....and by the end, I mean, MEETING OUR BABY!

...also....I plan to post about the nursery this week!!!


  1. You are adorable and all belly! I had an u/s this last week (at 28 weeks) due to being LGA (large for gestational fundal height is measuring more than my weeks), and we're 78% right now. I guess I just grow 'em big b/c our son was 8 lbs 9 ozs. :) So exciting that you are already dilated and effaced - great work! Ha!

  2. Samma was so active in my belly! Sometimes she would drive me crazy,like when I just wanted to sleep, but I will never forget when she was just born and they put her on my chest how the feelings were so familiar and sometimes when she was laying there it felt like she was still inside. Everyone told me that since she was so active in my belly that she'd be a calm baby...hopefully this is true for you! I'm sure you know it wasn't true for me!
    No matter how you are feeling, you are looking gorgeous! I'm getting so excited for you!

  3. Such a cute belly. I love me some oreos!!

  4. YAY for full term! That was a big milestone for me and I had L 2 weeks later :) Landon used to lodge his feet up into my ribs and it was so uncomfy, but I miss the baby movement so much now!

    You look great, all belly!

  5. You look so great!! I can't believe you are full term already! Your sweet little girl will be here so so soon :)

  6. I can't wait to see the nursery! I have loved all the sneak peeks you have posted.

  7. So close! I bet you are super excited.

  8. You look fantastic! :)