Thursday, October 11, 2012

Early 2000's Music

My 10 year reunion is next weekend, and although I won't be attending (39 weeks pregnant + 5 hour car trip to Richmond? Not a good idea....), I am still participating in the planning of this big event.

So my question for you, my fellow late 20's/early 30's friends...
What songs would you want to hear at your reunion?
What songs come to mind when you 
think of the years 1998-2002?

I would love to hear what you think! Just leave a comment!


  1. Our reunion is next weekend too, and two songs that come to mind are the John Mayer song "No Such Thing" and the Vitamin C song "Friends Forever" - those were both in our senior dinner slideshow we found recently! I'll let you know if I think of others!

  2. The start of bubble gum pop - Britney, all the boy bands... I was class of '98 and our senior class song was 'Head like a hole' by NIN (b/c it says 'bow down before the one you serve' haha). Titanic! Spice Girls. Please note that I don't like most of those songs, ha. But that was definitely mainstream music!

  3. My 10 year reunion is in November; I have mostly made up my mind to go - I am too curious not to! Britney Spears and N*Sync came to mind for me, along with early Dave Matthews, Beastie Boys, Foo Fighters.

  4. For our 10 year reunion we had a guy google the the weekly #1 hits for 1999 & 2000, the year we were seniors, there were a lot of repeat offenders, but we got a lot of music. After that we just filled it in with current music.

  5. My 10 year reunion is next month. I don't blame you for not going while that pregnant and it being far away! I will be going to mine though, especially since it's being held in my town.

    I'd say anything by BSB, Nsync, and Britney. That's basically all I listened to in high school.

  6. Ditto to the ideas above, plus anything Usher, Nelly, Outkast, Destiny's Child and Incubus. Also, I would look at the Billboard Top 100 charts for those years. I just looked up 2001 (when I graduated) and there are some gems- Craig David, City High, Sugar Ray, etc. Good luck!

  7. Smash mouth, Destiny's Child. Remember the guy who sang the thong song? Yeah. Nsync, Some old school No Doubt and early Britney spears.

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