Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I said yes...

So a couple of months ago, my high school BFF.... engaged to a great guy!

And then last week, I got a box in the mail from her with this inside....

I opened the box, and immediately smelled moth balls. 


And then I saw this note, stuffed down at the bottom of the box....

Obviously, I said yes!

But when she asked if I tried it on, well, that answer was a no!
As lovely as it is, I'd prefer something a little more updated.
But I will say, I appreciate that she mailed the largest dress she could find to fit my growing belly!

I can't wait for her December 2013 wedding!


  1. This is SO cute! What a great way to ask. How exciting!

  2. Ahh, that is so funny and so exciting!! Such a fun idea!

  3. How funny! What a clever way to ask :)

  4. I'm totally saving this idea. How cute!!!

  5. HAHA! This is GREAT! My cousin(who I'm in her wedding this weekend) did something similar a couple of years ago for me.
    Check out the post!

  6. What a cute way to ask you to be a BM!! So fun!!

  7. That is too funny! Such a great way to ask.

  8. What an awesome idea!! :) Haha! LOVE it!