Monday, October 1, 2012

Menu Monday

 Chili and Cornbread

We had this yesterday. A perfect meal for a Sunday in the fall! And yes, I topped my chili with goldfish! 

This was a great, easy meal! The recipe says it needs chicken broth, but never shares when to use it. The blog author then put it in her comments that you are supposed to cook the rice in chicken broth. I didn't, but it was fine. Up to you I suppose! Either way, great meal.

J made this meal and y' was SO good. This was also the first time either of us have successfully cooked scallops. We've each had some scallop mishaps in the past, so J was quite proud to master his scallop cooking.

As usual, this sandwich didn't disappoint. I topped ours with provolone and then broiled them for a few minutes before serving.

Okay...your turn! Please link up your weekly meals and menus below!


  1. Jason LOVES those Italian beef sandwiches. I haven't made them in ages. I need to fix that.

  2. I must make the Creole Sausage with Red Beans and Rice soon! Sounds like something Brian would absolutely love.

  3. goldfish on chili? what a great idea! i'm definitely trying that next time i make it!

  4. Those sandwiches are a favorite here too!