Monday, December 10, 2012

birth announcements

A few weeks ago we sent out birth announcements for our baby girl to all of our friends and family. 
Now that everyone should have received theirs in the mail, I want to share it on here.
We used the two of the photos from our newborn photo session with Lindsey Lee Photography. I could not be happier with the photos she captured. I am so glad we have these precious pictures.

I know she's ours and all, but she not the most precious baby?
Side-note: I can't get over how tiny she looks here. She's so big now, one month later. Slow down!




  1. You are awesome!!! I decided to put our birth announcement info on the back of this year's Christmas card.... which I still haven't ordered yet! :)

  2. Love them so much. Miss Maggie is so photogenic!

  3. I love them, design and all! Precious baby!

  4. Beautiful! Our cards won't make it until January :(

  5. those are gorgeous! i am in LOVE with that second shot!!

  6. These are beautiful! I have yet to put our announcements together. Oops! :P