Friday, December 28, 2012

Meeting new friends!

We are back in Charlotte after a great week in Virginia with our family. While we were there, M got to meet so many special family members and friends. I was so worried about traveling with a small baby for the holidays, but she was a champ. She was great on the drive and did fairly well in many new places.

Last Saturday night, one of my very good friends from home, Jeanne, had a bunch of my high school girl friends over for a small get together. I took M along with me. Here she is with our hostess...

We got to meet my friend Jenna's little boy who is about a month older than M. You would never know that M was the younger one. She looked like such a big baby next to him. She's a big girl!

My good friend Sarah with both the babies!

All the girls + the babies!

On Sunday afternoon, my mom hosted a sip n see for me so we could introduce M to a few other family friends. She did okay here, but was really clingy and not crazy about others holding her. She is definitely a momma's girl right now!

My favorite part of the night...we had a few guests still hanging out, and my dad offered to change M for me when she started to get fussy. He comes back and her pants were gone. A little while later he walked out the room with her on his shoulder so she could look around as she was starting to get fussy (this child loves being on your shoulder!), and he comes back a few minutes later and she was in just her diaper and happy as a clam. I guess her grandaddy knew best! SO much for the cute clothes her mommy put her in!


  1. Glad you had a successful trip home! Ari did OK with travelling, too. Holy smokes, it's a whole new ballgame travelling with an infant! Ha!
    And ya know what's funny? Ari will be fussing sometimes and the two things that make him a happy baby are sitting up against our shoulder and being without pants LOL. :)

  2. Good for yall just jumping in and traveling! Its crazy, but I think its one of those things that you just do and learn to roll with! No doubt your family was happy to have her there and all of your friends excited to meet her! Merry first Christmas with your little girl!

  3. We are going to take a big road trip when Shelby is a month old up to see family in VA. I'll be interested to see how it rolls out. Luckily, it's only 2 1/2 hours away.