Friday, December 7, 2012

Meeting the twins...

Right before Thanksgiving, M and I went to see my friend Faith and her beautiful twin girls, Emery and Kinley. Her twins were actually due this week in December, but they ended up arriving in early November, just eight days after M's birth. I love that I not only have a new mommy friend in the area, but our girls are so close in age. M looks giant next to the twins! All three girls slept through our whole get together. I'm sure that will change as they get bigger!

In the next couple of months there are MANY more Charlotte "blog" babies on the way. In a couple of months once everyone is bigger we're going to have some fun play dates!


  1. So cute! It's so awesome that you have friends with kids close in age to M. It makes being a SAHM much more fun because it can be very isolating at times.

  2. this is so sweet!!! what a blast it will be having those girls grow up together!