Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas 2012...only a few weeks late!

I know we're in mid January, but I never blogged about Christmas! Please excuse this post since it's mostly going to be a big photo dump. I love having our holidays documented and going back and reading about them. Can't let Christmas 2012 slip through the cracks!

We spent the week of Christmas in Richmond with my family. It was M's first big trip, and I think everyone loved spending time with her! Actually...I don't "think" that, I am positive that my parents and brother had so much fun with her!

With my brother, her Uncle Jason! He doesn't do diapers, but he sure can make her smile!

On Christmas Eve, all dressed up for church!

Christmas Morning! We figured this was our easiest Christmas ever as far as shopping goes. 2 month olds don't need many presents. Santa brought her a stocking full of some books, a few toys, and some hats, 

After opening presents on Christmas morning with my parents, we drove to Northern Virginia to see my Mom's side of the family. This was M's first time meeting her Great Grandparents and my cousins, uncle, and aunt.

This is how we got her to nap...on a folded up blanket on the floor, broken out of her swaddle (she's so long!) and with white noise from my phone.

Four, my nana, my mom, and M!

We were missing my sister and her boyfriend, but it's still a nice family picture!

Our little family of three!

The day after Christmas, someone was sporting one of the hats Santa left in her stocking!

And this just makes me laugh. My parents have two dogs, and one of them, Leeander, was just enthralled by the baby. Like, truly obsessed. Every time we turned around, he was sitting here....

On the 27th we headed back to North Carolina, but before we hit the road, we made a stop to see J's parents who had just gotten back in to town from two days on the road. We had originally planned to spend all of Christmas Eve with them and his siblings, but his grandfather in Wisconsin passed away about a week before Christmas. He was able to see his whole family in Wisconsin at the funeral, but M and I did not fly out there with him. We were sad that she didn't get to meet all her aunts and uncles and cousins on this side of the family, but she'll definitely get to see them all at her uncle's wedding in July, if not sooner! 

Here she is with her Granny and Grampy

And one last shot of the three of us!

And that concludes baby's first Christmas! It was my favorite Christmas yet!


  1. First off your daughter looks so precious in her little beanie hat! Second, you have such a resemblance to your grandmother, same eyes and smile ! How cool :)

  2. Maggie is so cute! Looks like y'all had a wonderful 1st Christmas as a family of three.

  3. Great pictures!! And your picture is of 4 generations! How awesome!!

  4. She's already growing too quickly! :) Great pics.