Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Brain Dump

Happy Friday!

  • I plan to start Menu Monday on Monday! I'm getting back into the swing of cooking again, and we've been meal planning regularly for a few weeks now. I debated doing the link up again, because I found that a lot of people weren't linking up. But then a few of you asked about it on twitter...decisions, decisions....
  • Know how you know you have a new baby and your mind isn't working so well? You order something online and have UPS send it to your old address. As in, you go through the entire checkout process and type in your former address. By the time you catch your mistake, it's too late and the only way to get your package without paying a $20 change of address fee is to drive across town to pick it up. I might know someone who did that....
  • I haven't seen a single one of the best picture nominations this year. I know I have a new baby and all and don't get to the movies much, but I would love to sneak in at least a few of them before the awards shows! Any of my Charlotte friends want to go to the movies with me?
  • Last week I started watching The Lying Game on Netflix and I'm so sucked in. If you liked Pretty Little Liars, you need to watch this show! It's cheesy, but so good!
  • J got me Ugg slippers for Christmas. I'M OBSESSED. My feet are so warm and cozy these days. 
  • In the past week, I've watched M completely transform. It seems like she's gone from a teeny newborn to a real baby. She is so much more content, she has begun to soothe herself when she's upset, she puts herself to sleep in her's amazing. I think we may have reached the end of the "4th Trimester"....I hope I haven't jinxed anything by putting this in writing!
  • It's going to be in sunny and in the 70's here in Charlotte this weekend. I am looking forward to being outside some with my little family!


  1. We moved over 6 months ago and I'm still catching myself writing my old address.

  2. Ty bought me ugg slippers for Christmas too. I get so excited to get home from work, fling off my heels and sink into those suckers. I get equally sad in the morning to take them off and put on heels. Maybe I should stop wearing heels...

  3. I feel like Isaac is over that hump too! Yesterday, he was especially fussy (from a baby that rarely cries *knock on wood*) and clingy, which is so unusual, but for the most part, I feel like he's definitely out of the newborn stage and is more of a baby now. He looks 100% different as well! It's crazy how fast he has changed!! Have you read or been exposed to The Wonder Weeks? I'm curious if he is just headed into a Wonder Week and that's why he's been more difficult in the last day or two.

  4. I am happy you are starting Menu Monday again! I've been terrible about posting my meals lately but was just thinking that I need to get back to it. I'll link up on Monday. Also, M is so cute--I can't believe she is already a few months old!

  5. I love Ugg Boots! I'll have to try out the slippers. Glad you love them!