Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Baby (and mommy) Must Haves

My sweet baby is twelve whole weeks this Thursday. Time truly does fly once you have kids. Before M arrived, I loved reading others' posts about what items they found useful for their newborn. I know that every baby is so different, and each mom has different tastes as well. But if you're expecting a baby and wondering what in the world you should register for, then I hope this list helps you some. Babies are tricky! They're all so different and you have no idea what they're going to be like until they're here. You're bound to buy or register for at least a few things that aren't too helpful for you! But it's nice to hear what others liked so you have a starting point....

 Our Must Haves...

This is the bouncy seat we got; it's by Carter's and we and M love it! She's been sitting in here since the day we brought her home from the hospital. When she was a newborn, we loved it because it was a snug place for her to sleep and we could put her in it anywhere in the house. Now that she's bigger, she  loves sitting here and looking at her "animals." We have a swing too, but she definitely seems to prefer the bouncy seat.

I have to admit, I didn't want this carrier. I had originally registered for the Bjorn, but J's aunt bought us this one. She had heard good things about it from young moms that she knows, and suggested we try. And I am SO glad she did. We've been able to use this from the very beginning, as well, since she also bought us the newborn insert. I also have a Moby and K'tan. We like those, but this is definitely my favorite carrier. It's worth every penny.

We loved these in the early days! They "hold" much better than the muslin ones we received. The flannel almost acts like a 's wonderful!

As M got bigger, she was busting out of the regular swaddle all the time. I started using these around 4 weeks, and they are much more effective at keeping down strong arms! She still manages to get her arms up from time to time, but overall, we have been very pleased with these. 

This was sort of a last minute purchase for us. We had already purchased the BOB with a car seat adapter, but after talking to several friends, I decided this might be nice to keep in the back of my car for quick errands. I'm so glad we purchased it! It is so light and easy to fold up. We love our BOB, but I will admit, it's huge! It's great for the neighborhood and parks, but the Snap N Go is ideal for trips to the doctor, Target,'s great! I also bought mine on Craigslist for $25. I would highly suggest searching there before paying full price for this! I think most moms only use this for a few months before baby is big enough for an umbrella stroller, so it's easy to get it used but in great condition!

There are obviously dozens of toys you can hang from your baby's car seat, but these are what we have. I got these as a gift and didn't think much about them. I hung them on her car seat around 6 weeks, and they make her SO happy. She smiles and coos at them. She definitely enjoys having something to look at in her seat.

We got this playmat for M, but I think that babies love any playmat that they're put on! I chose this one because I like that it's 1) gender neutral and 2) it doesn't scream "baby." The patchwork design was pretty basic. M sits under here for large chunks of time; she loves it! 

Breastfeeding Must Haves....

This is an item I almost didn't put on my list, because I really don't use it much now, but my Brest Friend Pillow was with me ALL THE TIME during the first few weeks after M was born. I ended up having an unplanned c-section, and this really helped breast feeding feel comfortable in the beginning. I didn't have to put any of the baby's weight on me, it could all rest on the pillow. If you want to nurse your baby, I would definitely recommend this. Nursing can be tricky for so many reasons, and having this to help me hold my baby correctly in the beginning helped a lot. I even took it to the hospital with me and one of the lactation consultants helped show me how to use it properly. Also, I bought mine used at a consignment sale for about $10. If there's something you want that wasn't purchased off your registry, check out local consignment sales and Craigslist. You can get stuff for a steal!

My friend Lindsey told me about these tanks. They can attach to any nursing bra which means you can essentially make any shirt a nursing shirt! I don't like lifting up my shirt to nurse and having my belly hang out. Because if I'm being honest, my belly isn't something I want to be showing off these days. But these eliminate that completely. I know I could just wear nursing tanks, but I've found that they're not the most supportive. This is the best of both worlds! A great bra, but still allows you to wear a tank and cover up your belly! I love these.

So there's our list! There are dozens of other items we love and have been using over the past 12 weeks, but these are the ones we love the most. 

If you're a new momma, what's on your list? 
Are there any items I included that your baby hated? 
Any items we have in common?


  1. Can you believe our kiddos will be 12 weeks tomorrow?! (I still just love that they share a birthday!). The bouncy seat is a definite must-have in our house too. We have a Boppy and it's now kind of a non-necessity... at first it was great, but I can easily go without these days. LOVE the snap in stroller- also a must have. We got a Bumbleride that fit our carseat and it's only been used for walks/runs, because we always take the snap in stroller if we go anywhere. I'm sure the Bumbleride will get lots and lots of use though once Isaac is out of his infant carseat. Lastly, I use the k'tan all. the. time. It was a lifesaver while traveling... I use it at church... getting groceries... if I'm out shopping by myself... it's more than proven its value! :)

    Thanks for sharing your must have list!

  2. I seriously don't know how I functioned without those tanks. They are the best!

  3. This is such a great list Rach! And so many new things since Trey was born! I wish that I had also gotten a snap and go. Taking that bob into places like sbux is just ridiculous! Gosh I wouldn't even know what to add - maybe the Aden and Anias blankets - we really loved those!

    p.s. Maggie gives me baby fever like whoa.

  4. Thanks so much for the tips! I definitely will keep these in mind when I go do my registry!

  5. What a great list! Everything on it I have heard rave reviews about and appreciate your advice too.

  6. That nursing tank thing is genius! I'll have to remember that if I ever have another baby.

    I didn't have the Brest Friend pillow when my guy was a newborn, but I wish I did. I tried one at the LC's office and ended up buying one as I loved it so much.

    And, you'll get so much mileage out of the Ergo. Henry is 14 months old and we still use it most days!

  7. We have the snap and go too and the BOB.
    After talking to friends though we didn't buy the BOB adapter. Before we know it she'll be able to ride in there and won't need the car seat.
    We were so lucky.
    Friends gave us both. The snap and go was a hand me down as was our BOB. I know.. lucky us :)

  8. At 29 weeks pregnant, I'm becoming frenetic about reading lists like these! Thanks for posting. I've never heard of the tanks and now will definitely be ordering some. I cringe every time I see the nursing pillow on "must have" lists because I just can't handle the name, but you've got me nearly convinced to make the switch from Boppy.
    Curious about dressing a newborn - do you have favorite sleepers or onsies?

  9. Your back is thanking J's aunt for the Ergo instead of the Bjorn. I learned that lesson the hard way. Ergos are the best!! I love the Breast Friend and Boppy both for different reasons. Thanks for sharing the Undercover Mama "tank". I think I might need one or two of those!