Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Picnic in the Park

This past weekend, we had some gorgeous weather here in Charlotte. On Saturday and Sunday the high was above 70. It was a nice treat for January! We embraced the nice weather by going to a picnic at a local park. I recently joined a mommy/baby meetup group (found through meetup.com, the same site I found my beer group through!). After attending just one event, I met a group of moms who all live near me and have babies close in age to M.  I've gotten together with them a few times for different events, and it's been nice getting to know them and their babies. We thought it would be fun to get together over the pretty weekend and to bring the husbands along. Babies, sunshine, food, wine....a perfect Saturday afternoon!

All the moms and the babies! I have to admit, before I went to my first event, I was totally terrified. What is it about being an adult that makes it so much harder to reach out and make new friends? I'm really glad I took a chance and got together with some strangers who are now becoming friends!