Wednesday, February 6, 2013

5 Things on Wednesday

1. I bought this dress at Old Navy on Saturday so I could wear it to Katie's shower over the weekend. I have no dresses that work for nursing, so I wanted to get something that could fill the gap in my wardrobe, and this does the trick! It's perfect with leggings and boots, and will hopefully look cute with bare legs as the weather gets warmer.

2. I'm currently trying to put together our mantel in our living room. It had pretty much nothing on it all summer and fall, then I had it looking pretty cute for Christmas, but now we're back to nothing and that needs to change. I'll share pictures once it's's some ideas I like that I found on Pinterest...

3. Somebody rolled over from tummy to back last week! She's done it a few times since's crazy how much these babies change from week to week!

4. It seems like I've been seeing "green" smoothies on others' blogs for months now, but I was a little too intimidated to try it out. I just figured there was no way it would taste good, and you had to taste the spinach. But when I was home visiting my parents 2 week ago, my mom and I decided to give them a try, and it turns out, they're actually pretty good! I have had one for breakfast everyday for the past week. They've also gotten tastier as I get a better handle on the right proportions of ingredients.

I typically use half a banana, about 1/2 cup of vanilla almond milk, a BIG handful of spinach, and then some mixture of other fruits. I've done raspberries, mixed berries, kiwi, pineapple, many choices! I've been using mostly frozen fruit, but I'll probably use fresh as it comes in season. Sometimes I'll also do a small squeeze of local honey if I think it needs just a little something to sweeten it up. If you're intimidated by these, don't be! They're a quick and yummy way to get your day started in a healthy way (so.much.rhyming!)

5. I'm really excited that my Wednesday morning Bible Study is starting back up today. We're doing Beth Moore's James: Mercy Triumphs study. Anyone done this study?


  1. We're big green smoothie fans! One of our favorite combos is spinach, avocado (trust me), banana, frozen pineapple/mango mix, and a little bit of basil. I add a splash of milk or water to make sure it's "loose" enough to drink and a squeeze of lemon or lime juice to keep it bright green. SO yummy!!

  2. It's great you tried the green monster smoothie! Something about the banana masks the spinach so you really don't taste it. I love them :)

  3. I love those framed pictures on the 2nd mantel picture! Let us know how it turns out...I'm always looking for more ideas!

    Yay for M rolling over!

  4. She looks like SUCH a big girl! Also, you looked adorable in that cute dress!

  5. I recently began making green smoothies.. and I love them! Now, I add spinach to almost all smoothies, even if I want them to be "fruity". I do the same for my 4 year old daugther's smoothies, and she has no idea. Great way to get some extra nutrition in.

  6. We love green smoothies over here, too!

    Good find on the dress from Old Navy. I'm such a dress person, but hate the hassle of nursing in a dress. I'll have to go check that one out!

  7. I just can't get on the green smoothie kick - I've never had one that I really liked.

  8. I did that study last summer and really enjoyed it.