Friday, March 22, 2013


I know this post will mean absolutely nothing to most of you, but to any fellow JMU readers...this is for you!

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Today my alma mater is playing in their first NCAA tournament game since 1994 against the #1 seed Indiana. We may be a 16 seed team, and chances are very likely that we will lose, but that doesn't take away from the fact that this is SO. EXCITING! I discovered the fun of filling out a bracket a few years ago (why did I wait so long?!), and now that I have a team in the big dance, I was giddy with excitement filling out my bracket earlier this week.

JMU won our conference (CAA) which bought us a ticket to the tournament, but the Duke Dogs still had to win a play in game to get to the tournament. We beat LIU Brooklyn on Wednesday evening, 68-55. Look at my little M as she cheered them on....already a Duke Dog!

Don't worry though. Just because we're in the tournament, doesn't mean we think we're instant sensations in the world of college basketball. This purple and gold poster being held by a student at the CAA Championship game truly sums up all of the feelings the Dukes have. Being good at basketball is kind of new to us (but oh so fun!).

I am so proud of University!


  1. Rachel, as a fellow JMU grade (2004) I have to say I love your post. My husband and I now live in Roanoke, aka Hokie country, so it is nice to see the love for JMU! Jennifer

    1. Aww! Thanks Jennifer! I'm a 2006 grad, and again in 07 with my master's. Go Dukes!

  2. How fun! Being a UNC grad it's kinda weird to be in the tournament and knowing that we won't get too far in it.

  3. Yeah!!! Love this!!!! Go JMU!!!!!!!!!! Little M looks just so cute :) I hope she is wearing her good luck gear for today, too!