Thursday, March 28, 2013

Embracing the Camera : week 2 (+ some antiquing)

I did my first "Embrace the Camera" post a couple of weeks ago, and thought I'd share a second installment this week. I really do love this idea.

Last Saturday we went to The Sleepy Poet, a fabulous antique store/mall here in Charlotte, to search for a piece of furniture for our foyer. While we didn't find what we were looking for, we did find an awesome bread box for the kitchen. Something we'd been wanting to find, and it's doing a mighty fine job storing bread (and holding up our collection of cutting boards).

Before we left the house to go shopping, M was in a happy mood, so I made J snap a quick picture of us. 

And I'm glad he did. I love that girl and her sweet smile. 

If you want to know more about Embracing the Camera, visit Emily's blog!


  1. That is such a gorgeous picture of you both! I love it! Now it just needs a frame :) I love that bread box, too. You've inspired me to go antiquing, now!

  2. She is your twin in that pic!

  3. The bread box is so cool!! Love the pic of you and M! Perfection!

  4. WHat a wonderful picture- it's a framer!

  5. ah I love that picture of you and your girl! :-)

  6. That is such a great pic! Such pretty smiles!