Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Baby's First Easter

This past Sunday we had a wonderful first Easter. It was very low key, but really nice. Easter may just be my favorite holiday. I love the meaning behind it, the music we sing in church, the pretty pastel clothes and dresses, Easter baskets, and CANDY! I can get behind all of those things. And to me, it's always been much more laid back than Christmas. A no stress holiday is something else I can appreciate. 

M had a great morning in her Easter dress. I had to snap a few pictures before she spit up on it and had to be changed. Very typical in this house! Forgive me for the large picture dump, but I just couldn't pick one favorite.

Her Easter basket had no candy this year (because Mommy would have just eaten it all), but it did have a bib for starting solids in a few weeks! She also got her first Bible, some soft blocks, and an O-ball. 

I took a few pictures before we headed outside, but the lighting is terrible in most of them, but check out this face. She is definitely a sassy little lady.

M's dad may have gotten a small treat from the Easter Bunny with some candy and new leather flip flops. Mainly because the Easter Bunny saw the flip flops on sale and knew someone who was in great need of some flip flops after using an old pair for about 7+ years....

And to top off our Easter weekend, she woke up Monday morning with a TOOTH! It's just barely poking through, but there's definitely a teeny tiny tooth hanging out! Maybe this was just her way of telling me she is ready for some jelly beans and a chocolate bunny now. Sorry baby girl....you'll have to wait awhile.

Hope your family had a wonderful Easter weekend!


  1. A tooth!? Such a big girl! :)

    She looks absolutely adorable. You all do! Great hair, mama!

  2. Cute dress! Shelby got her first Bible in her basket too!

  3. Wow!! I can't believe she has a tooth! I keep thinking Emma will get one soon but nothing yet.

  4. she's so precious! we bought Elyse her first Bible for Easter last year...such a perfect gift for a baby's 1st Easter!

  5. Rach, these are the best pictures!!! Please have one of your sweet little family made into a canvas or frame it or something!! Too cute!!!

    1. You are so sweet :) I bought an Easter frame on clearance at Target today to put one of these in so I can put it on display next spring :)

  6. Look how great you look! And Maggie's tongue absolutely cracks me up!

  7. Cute! I love how she sticks her tongue out when she is really happy:) she is such a ham!

  8. sweet baby girl!! and your family is stunning!!