Thursday, April 4, 2013

Embracing the Camera: Week 3

Another week of Embracing the Camera with my baby girl. 
Go here for more info on this wonderful concept.

On Monday after all our buddies came over to play, we headed out for walk with J when he got home from work. One of the perks of more sunlight and nice weather is evening walks before and/or after dinner!


  1. If only the weather would stay nice! Today is miserable!! Cute picture :)

  2. Agreed! I wish it would finally warm up so we can really get out after work.

  3. I'm a little behind on blog reading, so I have no idea how long you've had the new format, but I really love it. Clean, easy-to-read, and I like the funky orange font!

  4. These pictures are adorable! I love this project and know you'll cherish these pictures of you & your baby girl forever!