Thursday, May 23, 2013

Embrace the Camera: Week 7 with Gigi

I decided to put a slight spin on my picture for this week. Instead of a picture of me and my girl, this week my own mom got in the picture with M. In addition to having lots of pictures with her mom and dad, I also want M to have lots of photos with her grandparents. How cute are these two? 

My sweet mom came to stay with us for about 24 hours earlier this week so J and I could go out to a concert. How wonderful is that? She is a busy lady these days with an 18 year old who is graduating in two weeks, but she managed to make a quick trip for us and we are very grateful! And I know M was in wonderful hands while we were out for the night...even if she completely refused her bottle before bed.

And while I'm on the subject, I need to brag for a moment about the concert we went to see. We saw Sara Bareilles who was here on her Brave Enough Tour. I've always liked her music, but last year when we watched her alongside Ben Folds as a judge on The Sing Off, J and I both really took a liking to her. We had said if we got the chance to see her, we'd definitely go, so here was our chance. It was just Sara and a few instruments on stage in a venue that seats about 430 people. It was one of the most intimate and fantastic shows I've ever seen. She is so talented. One of those artists who is even better in person than they are on a recording (ie...NOT Taylor Swift).

I didn't manage to get any good photos, but my friend Meaghan took this at Sara's show in Portland a few weeks ago, so I'm stealing her picture for the day!

She sang a lot from her first two albums, an amazing version of "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road", and then a few songs off her new album. Her new single, "Brave," is so catchy. And the words...oh how I love it! My new mantra....

And then she also opened her show with this tune. She said that this is one song she doesn't have recorded anywhere and it won't be on her next album, but oh my gosh...I think it's so beautiful.


  1. Sara Bareilles sure does know how to sing!! I loved her on The Sing Off too!!

    Also, can we just say that M has your mom's mouth? Maybe it's just the picture, but I swear they look exactly the same!

  2. Her little teeth! I love it!!!

  3. I love Sara Bareilles! So jealous you got to see her perform!