Tuesday, June 25, 2013

8 Months

8 months. EIGHT MONTHS! Didn't I just sit down and write about 7 months? As fast as this month went by, so much about you has changed. It was a big milestone month for you!

Let's start with the big. YOU CRAWL! After weeks and weeks of scooting and rolling around and rocking on all 4's, you have mastered the crawl! On June 10, after five days of traveling in Richmond, you were back in your own home and you crawled across the floor (to eat a magazine). Since then, you've been on the move and you're becoming quite fast. But as much as you love crawling, you prefer to stand. You typically are crawling to one of two places: a piece of furniture or toy you can use to pull yourself up OR a dog. You're keeping us on our toes!

On June 10, you had one other BIG event happen, your top two teeth came in! While we were in Richmond you slept terribly. I assumed it was because you were in a new place and sleeping in a Pak n Play, but now I think it had a lot to do with those two teeth coming in. They're just starting to be visible when you smile, and they make you look so big!

And as if that wasn't enough, on June 11 you started clapping. It is perhaps the cutest thing you do (besides laugh). We do a lot of clapping in our home right now. You get so excited when you clap and Mommy and Daddy clap back at you. It makes all three of us laugh!

One last big milestone is your babbling. We hear Mama, Dada, and Baba all the time now. You had sort of started saying this toward the end of six months, but now it's all the time! You still have not connected Mama to me or Dada to your dad, but we love hearing you say it! 

You are loving solid foods more and more, but you still happily nurse five times a day. You really love to eat watermelon and zucchini. We tried spaghetti that your dad made for the first time last night, and that was a big hit. Your pincer grab is improving, so eating little foods has become a little easier. I try to give you a few Cheerios or black beans at each meal so you can practice. I'm willing to bet that you'll have it down by 9 months!

For the most part, you still nap well. Once in the morning around 10:30/11 and once in the afternoon around 3. Some days are better than others. Now that you can easily sit up on your own and pull yourself up in your crib, we have a lot of days where you stand and talk/cry for a long time before napping, but you typically do end up putting yourself to sleep. You have also taken a big interest in all of your stuffed animals, and they have somehow all ended up in your crib and sleep with you. It makes me laugh to find you in the morning or after a nap where you're playing in your bed with your babies. 

In your 8th month you flew on an airplane to Wisconsin, you traveled to Richmond for your uncle's high school graduation, you completed your first set of swim lessons, you went bowling (sort of, you watched!), you went disc golfing for the first time  (again, you watched!), and we switched you from your infant carrier to your big girls seat....it really was a busy month for a little baby!

M - you are growing up so fast and it seems like you are transforming before my eyes. As you get more teeth and your hair is beginning to fill in, and as you and I can comunicate and play more, I see the baby in you slipping away. I can't believe you've been here for eight whole months. It's incredible how much you've grown and changed in such a short period of time.

We love you to pieces baby girl!

Weight: About 19.5 lbs
Height: Not sure at the moment
Diapers: Size 3 in disposables
Clothes: 9 or 12 months. You even have a few things labeled 12-18 months I've put you in.
Eyes: Blue eyed baby girl!
Hair: You are no longer a bald baby. There's so much hair on your head these days! In fact just the other day we had been outside and you were all sweaty and your little hairs had all curled up on your head. Wonder if this means you're going to have some curl in your hair like your dad?

 I also feel like I need to share this photo...this is how most of our photo session went today! Thank goodness for a dad who now works from home and can come distract her for six seconds while I try to get a shot of her on her back and smiling!


  1. She's so precious! And I love that quilt, too!

  2. It just flies by, but gets sweeter and sweeter!!
    That quilt is precious and your baby girl is BEAUTIFUL!!

  3. Isn't so crazy how time flies? I can't believe Harper is 9 months today! :)

  4. I feel like you just had her! No way that could have already been 8 months ago!

  5. Go Maggie! That's crazy she's crawling! Didn't you just have her? :) I keep thinking Shelby's two top teeth will appear any day now too. She's also blue-eyed, even though Brad and I have brown. Crazy.