Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Graduation Day

I don't typically do a huge photo dump on my blog, but I just have so many pictures with my family that I just love from my brother's graduation two weeks ago! Forgive me for the photo overload!

Jason graduated with a class of about 500 students, so it was a pretty long ceremony. The ceremony was at the VCU Siegel Center in Richmond. In addition to watching each student walk across the stage and have their name called, we listened to many speakers, so the whole thing was about two and a half hours. Thank goodness M stayed entertained with toys and her Ergo carrier! 

I love graduation pictures with caps in the air!

Anyone else have a baby who loves to eat and play with buckles and zippers? She LOVES them these days.

After the ceremony, J and I were able to meet up real quick with his dad who was one of the attendants at graduation shaking hands and congratulating the graduates. That was kind of neat for my brother to know one of these people personally! It was also nice for us to catch up with him for a little while after the ceremony. M had been snoozing in the Ergo and woke up not long before this, so she wasn't really feeling the picture taking. Tough life being a baby!

We headed back to my parents' home after I nursed her in the car, which B-T-DUBS...that is no easy task in a non-nursing friendly dress. I was quite the sight in our back seat. 

Anyhow! After she finished eating, we headed back to the 'burbs where we celebrated with barbecue and lots of family!

This is M with my cousin who came down for the day. She works at a Buy Buy Baby in Northern, VA and loves babies. Wish she lived closer and could be our sitter!

J, M, and me with my little sis and her boyfriend. They came from NYC for the weekend.

Jason and our grandparents

M's face makes me chuckle here!

Love this one of my nana and mom with M and me!

I told you it was a lot of pictures!

It was a fun day with family, but also tiring! We were all exhausted by 5pm. And that night M woke up ready to party at 1am. She was ready for more fun! Poor girl struggled a bit being away from home and in a new place. And on top of that she had 2 teeth resting right below her gums the whole time we were away. Thankfully, they broke through when we got home!


  1. Love all the family pictures! Your sister is gorgeous! Seriously.. she looks like a fashion model with that haircut! I had my hair cut like that my Sr. year of college but I sure didn't look that good!

    1. She'll appreciate reading this! She is definitely the stylish one among us! She works for Marc Jacobs.

  2. I can totally relate to trying to nurse in the backseat with awkward clothing! Great pictures.

  3. ha! One thing I was so happy about when I stopped nursing was just being able to wear normal clothes again without thinking about nursing...I definitely had my share of crazy nursing sessions!