Friday, July 5, 2013

A BEE Baby Shower

Last weekend we went up to Richmond for a very good friend's baby shower. Jeanne and I grew up together and she is due with her first baby in September. She isn't finding out what she's having, so the hostesses had a "BEE" theme...What will it BEE? Mommy to BEE. It was adorable!

How cute are the honey favors? I helped my friend Sarah put these together and I think they are just darling!

Me with the mommy we were celebrating, and our friend Lindsay who is due with a baby girl in October. 

It was so fun getting to see so many of my friends (and their moms!) from high school. And letting M meet most of them for the first time!

M was very interested in the paper tags the hostesses tied to the mason jars and anyone who had a necklace on!

Jeanne got some great stuff for Baby D. He/She is well stocked with books, toys, a play mat, boppy....the list goes on and on! My mom made the baby this beautiful quilt (it's the same style as the one she made for M). I think it turned out beautiful!

During gift opening, M passed out in her Ergo. Poor girl just couldn't hang!

Me and the sleepyhead with my friend Tyler. So glad we got to see each other over the weekend!

And one last shot! I feel like so many showers have a diaper cake, but they had a diaper wreath! How precious is that?

We're so excited for you, Jeanne! 
Cannot wait for this baby to make his or her debut this fall!


  1. love the idea of a diaper wreath! I can see lots of baby showers in my future and this is such a great idea!

  2. What a cute shower theme! I love that wreath!