Wednesday, July 3, 2013

birthdays, black beans, and swings

We were just up in Richmond about three weeks ago for my brother's high school graduation, but we headed back up there this past weekend for a good friend's baby shower. While there, we got to help my dad celebrate his 60th birthday. His actual birthday was on June 20, but all celebrations are more fun when there's a baby there, so he got to celebrate again! M enjoyed helping him blow out his candles.

On Saturday before the shower, M ate some lunch that included some black beans. After we got her all dressed, I asked my mom to take a picture of us since we both looked "nice" (ie. I was not in yoga pants with a messy ponytail). She got a couple of good photos....

But when we later looked at them on the computer, this is what majority of our photos looked like...

Apparently someone was smuggling some black beans for later in her cheeks. I don't know how we didn't see it outside, but the dozen or so pictures of her with a black bean on her chin make me laugh!

She also got to play on my brother's old swing set! 
I think her dad needs to build one for her backyard!


  1. That bubble is so cute as is the black bean!

  2. Cute! We once couldn't get my friend's son to eat a chicken nugget, he just kept it in his cheek for the longest time. Kiddos are too funny!