Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weekend Fun: Pizza, Parties, & Pools

We've had a fun and busy weekend, but each evening was low key and lazy. My favorite type of weekend! 

Between Friday and Saturday night, we finished the newest season of Breaking Bad (AHHHH!), watched the season premier of Dexter, and started House of Cards on Netflix. We love our TV dramas!

On Saturday, one of M's little buddies from our playgroup celebrated her first birthday and her mom, my friend Kelly, threw one incredible party. It was a "You Are My Sunshine" theme, and it was darling. Kelly blogged about it here if you want to see more of her photos. I stole a few from her FB because I forgot my camera. It was truly adorable and a lot of fun!

 Today, J got to work on my anniversary gift! We're celebrating our 5th anniversary this month, and the traditional 5th year gift is wood, so for this year's gift, he's building me a dining room table! I can't wait to have this fun and unique piece of furniture in our home! 

While J worked on the table on the deck, M chilled (ie tried to climb out of) in her pool. 

And then tonight, no one felt like cooking, so we ordered a pizza and a salad from our favorite pizza place up the street. This was M's first encounter with pizza (we gave her the ends with no cheese on them, just sauce), and she LOVED it. 


  1. We loved House of Cards, it totally sucks you in!! Glad to hear they are making season 2 now!

  2. Love that he is building your table. Jeremy didn't build ours, but this past year I found a note he wrote in sharpie while staining and painting ours 4 years ago:)

  3. First, we are counting down the weeks until Breaking Bad returns. And second, we are obsessed with House of Cards! In fact, we finished the entire first season in one week. Sounds like we have similar taste in TV :)

  4. That's going to be such an amazing gift! I hope you'll share the finished product with us!