Wednesday, August 7, 2013

9 Months!

MG, you turned 9 months old on July 25, and as I sit here and think about how you've been with us out here on the outside for as long as I carried you on the inside, I'm amazed how how fast time flies!

It's incredible to think how much you've changed since the day you entered this world. You are quickly becoming a little person with not only basic needs, but opinions and thoughts of your own. I love watching you explore and learn more about the world around you each day.

In your ninth month....

You've continued to be a great sleeper. Naps are getting better and more consistent, but you still love to throw ma curve ball from time to time and not nap at all. At the end of the past month, you started waking up much earlier than normal, but I think it was just a quick phase.

You got another tooth! You got a third top tooth at the end of your eighth month, giving you a total of five teeth now. Those teeth make you look so old!

You have good days and bad days with meals. Sometimes I feel like you're really getting the hang of this whole food thing, but other days you just throw food on the ground and shout. I'm continuing to let you pave the way on this whole eating thing and not force food on you, but it's tough sometimes! You really have mastered the pincer grasp, so it's easy to feed you small pieces now. Foods you ALWAYS love: Cheerios, peas, watermelon, apples, yogurt melts, and most meats. You still nurse five time during the day.

Rosie and you continue to be best buddies. It's comical how much you love dogs. Layla loves you, but isn't crazy about you coming to her now that you're a full on mobile baby!

Speaking of are everywhere these days. You crawl wherever you please, and then pick yourself up to cruise around our furniture. Gone are the days of leaving you un attended if I need to leave the room. You are into everything. You can also hold onto furniture and bend down, pick something up, and stand right back up.

The one time your mobility is a big problem is in the bathtub. You insist on standing in there, and your dad and I spend all of bath time saying "bottoms down!"...I hope this phase ends soon!

You love music and books. We can sing your favorite songs to you (Wheels on the Bus, Apples and Bananas) and you just LIGHT up. You also love to listen to us read, which isn't new, but it seems like you're actually paying a little more attention these days. You also love to flip through the pages of your books on your own and look at the pictures.

When we say "Dance!" or "Jump!" you know exactly what we're saying and begin to play along. It makes me laugh to see you understand what we're telling you. You also love to clap and look at us to see if we'll clap back. You love when a room full of people will clap for you!

Sweet girl, you are such a joy to us and everyone who knows you. You make us so happy and each month just gets better and better! Happy nine months!

Weight: 20lbs 8oz, 80%....finally slowing down now that you're on the move!
Height: 29", 85%
Clothes: Mostly 12 month
Diapers: Size 3 in disposables, 4 snaps open across in the BG cloth
Eyes: Blue as can be!
Hair: HOLY MOLY! This was the month of hair. Every day you wake up and have another half inch of hair. It's coming in so much. The color is still so funny to us. It looks light brown inside, but rather red out in the sun!


  1. Love that little 20 lb. piglet so much!! xoxo

  2. Shelby is into everything now too!!! OMG! It's a LOT more work!! HAHA!! She could care less about her toys.
    She wants to explore everything she's not suppose to!! ;-0