Sunday, August 18, 2013

Aunt Lindsay!

First of all....thank you thank you thank you all so much for your kind comments on my post last week about teaching. It's something I'm quite passionate about, and I am so grateful for your kind comments. You sure know how warm my heart. And to my teacher of luck to you this year. May your year be filled with fabulous students AND parents!

Secondly...who is ready for more vacation pictures? Because I still have plenty to share!

One thing that made our trip to Westport extra special this year (in addition to having M with us!), was my little sister, Lindsay, took the train up from NYC for two days. She came to babysit M while attended J's brother's wedding, but then stayed with us until Monday afternoon, giving us some more time together. We got to show her all of our favorite spots in town. She got to have a muffin from Ernie's. We taught her how to play Nertz and she won her first round. She even got to cruise the lake with J's uncle on his boat. We managed to pack a lot into her two days with us! On top of all this, I know M liked getting spoiled and loved on by her Aunt Lindsay!

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