Thursday, August 22, 2013

Off to college...

About 11 years ago to the day, my family and I packed in to two cars and headed off to my favorite place on earth, where they helped me unload all my boxes and bags, and settle into my new life in the valley of Virginia.

From my freshmen year scrapbook...

It was a bittersweet day, as I know it is for most incoming college freshmen, but my four years of college were four of the best of my life.

December 2002

Today...11 years later, my baby brother is doing the same thing, and I'm really not quite sure how in the world he is old enough to be going off to college. He was only going into second grade the year I left for college. He was a baby still! And now it's his turn!

Jason and Me...summer 2003

This not only means that my brother is starting off on a new journey, but it also means, that for the first time in TWENTY NINE years, my mom and dad will have no children living under their roof. They're officially empty nesters. I guess this just means they'll have more time on their hands to come and visit their one and only grand baby!

Good luck Jason....I believe the next year will be a giant change for you, but a good one! 
We're all really proud of you!


  1. Love your sister's dress! How fun for your brother!!
    College was the best 4-years of my life too!

  2. I love this time of year when everyone is off to college....what an amazing time!! (They have no idea what's coming their way!) :)

  3. ....and the tears are flowing again!!! where have the years gone?!

  4. Great memories and a fun experience coming for your brother!
    My brother and I are 6 years apart and I always thought that was such a big age difference. He's always felt like "my baby" and I'm a little more protective of him than I should be :) I bet you really felt like that!