Sunday, August 11, 2013

Rehearsal Dinner at The Big House

After driving twelve hours through the night and a few naps, we spent Friday evening at the rehearsal dinner for my BIL and soon to be SIL. J's parents hosted the dinner on the lawn of "The Big House." This is one of the homes on the trust. It's the biggest (duh), sleeping around 20 people, and it's the oldest. It has a big lawn that overlooks Lake Champlain, and it's really just a beautiful place. Perfect spot to put out some tables and host a little less than a hundred folks for dinner!

Here is The Big House when it's not being used to host a party! 

One of the best parts of this trip was M got to meet so much family on J's side for the first time! Majority of his extended family lives in the Northeast or in the Midwest, so we were really excited for her to meet so many of them for the first time.

Here she is with J's aunt. She has two grown children now, but loves babies and new moms and still helps as a leader at her local LLL groups. She gifted us with our favorite baby item before M came along (our Ergo!), and had only seen M through pictures on facebook. I was really glad they got to meet!

They had a big crowd at the dinner, as so many guests had traveled into town for the wedding. 

Some speeches and toasts to the happy couple...

Here's our little family! Did I also mention this was our five year anniversary? It was sort of fun to spend the evening at a party with lots of great food, drinks, and loved ones we don't get to see often. 

Before the evening was over, we all got some sparklers. M was getting sleepy by this point in the evening, but as you can see by her eyes, she was pretty amazed by them!

(notice I'm sporting my favorite Target dress again here...I may wear it forever!)

Up next....the wedding!


  1. We LOVE our Ergo. I don't know how we did parenthood the first time without it. I don't ever pull out any of my other babywearing contraptions anymore. And M looks precious in the Ergo all sleepy with her pacifier. And I might need that dress. That is all. :) Oh...can't wait to see wedding pics!

  2. I bought that Target dress a couple of days ago and I am completely obsessed with it! If it came in 10 colors, I would buy all 10.

    1. Yes!! Me too!! They really need to make other versions of it!

  3. Can't wait to see the wedding!! I agree, your hair looks awesome that length!