Monday, August 12, 2013

Westport Wedding

Yesterday I blogged about my BIL's rehearsal dinner, and today I'm back with wedding photos! He and his bride (my new SIL!) got married in a ceremony by the water, and it was truly gorgeous! They could not have asked for a prettier day or a more scenic backdrop. 

M did not attend the wedding with us. Instead, my sweet sister took the train upstate from NYC and stayed with M while we attended the ceremony and most of the reception. It was so great knowing she was in good hands while also being extra loved on and spoiled by her Aunt Lindsay who she doesn't get to see often!

See....she was having a blast without us!

We actually did steal her for about 20 minutes and dressed her up to come hang out during cocktail hour, but as you can see by her face, she wasn't too into it. No smiles here.

She eventually warmed up a bit and put on a grin!

The rest of the evening was a great time. Dancing, dinner, food, a photo booth! 
It was fun having a night "out." And even more fun getting to enjoy it with lots of cousins and family we don't get to see often.

(Recognize my dress? This is the one I blogged about here that I got in my first Stitchfix!)

I loved Katy's wedding dress. Everything about it was perfect!

This is me with all of the "girls" in the family. J is the youngest of four. He has two brothers and a sister, and now that both brothers are married, I have three sister in laws! I love that when you put all four of us together our hair colors cover pretty much the whole spectrum!

So happy for the new couple! Less than 24 hours after the wedding, they hopped on a plane to Chicago to start their new life together. They had been living in Boston, but my BIL took a new job and his start date was the Monday after the wedding. Talk about a whirlwind of a weekend! 


  1. I'm still LOVING your shorter hair.

  2. I love that first picture and your dress looks fabulous!

  3. Gosh! Thanks for sharing! Beautiful setting and all her details were perfect. Love those cupcakes and the Be WARE! HAHA!! Your dress does look great on you and I think it's awesome that your sister came down to take care of M. Much more fun for ya'll that way.
    Brad's cousin is getting married in VA next May and we've already asked my parents to keep Shelby.

  4. What a beautiful wedding! And both of your dresses looked fabulous :)

  5. Beautiful wedding! That first picture looks like something straight out of a magazine!

  6. I love her dress! It looks like it was a great wedding.