Friday, September 13, 2013

5 on Friday...around the internet

Linking up with April + friends for 5 on Friday today! 

Today's list is 5 favorites from around the web....

1. Why Generation Y Yuppies are Unhappy THIS. Yes, yes, yes. I am guilty of a few of these things, and I think many of my friends from my generation can relate. But instead of just picking on our generation, the author makes some great points and ends with some positive pointers.

2. When Things Are More Complicated Than They Seem Do you follow my friend Becca? If you haven't, please start. I read this post of hers weeks and weeks ago, but never shared on here like I intended to. Becca has a way with words, she's honest, she's raw, and she loves Jesus. I love this post so much.

3. A fellow momma in our playgroup shared this with us this week, and while I do NOT want to be pregnant again right now, this made me a little nostalgic! For his wife's 9 months of pregnancy, this man taped one second a day and compiled this beautiful video. I love it!

4. Now this is not new to the webs, in fact, the post date is from May, so many of you may have seen it...BUT! If you're a breastfeeding momma, you MUST read this. I pretty much fell off my couch laughing when I got to the part about the stray cat. I can relate to all of this: Steps to Prepare Yourself for Breastfeeding.

5. And for all my fellow Breaking Bad fans...this! Rather silly, but I love Jimmy Fallon!


  1. The breastfeeding post is hilarious!!

  2. Love these 5 things! I am newly pregnant and LOVE this video and the breastfeeding post is HILARIOUS! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. oh. my. gosh. The breastfeeding blog is SO funny. I laughed the whole way through it-- to the point where my husband was giving me strange looks. Thanks for sharing!

  4. That video is precious.

    Oh my gosh, the teething part of that article is hilarious, and I HOPE I don't have any issues (since G is cutting his first tooth right now! So far so good...). The mousetrap part made me laugh. :)

  5. That video made me cry!! I am that crazy woman who in the midst of the newborn chaos misses being pregnant and can't wait for next time! haha!

  6. Although please note: "next time" is a long time from now. I felt the need to clarify ;)

  7. I just read that article and I totally feel it! Thanks for sharing it.