Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cabin Weekend 2013

Remember when we went on vacation late July/early August and I never finished blogging about it? too. Oops. At this point, I'm mostly just sharing these photos so I have our trip documented on here! 

After a week in upstate NY for J's brother's wedding, we headed back South. But instead of driving to Richmond where our dogs were staying with my parents, we made a stop in Rockbridge Baths, VA for cabin weekend with some of our friends! We left Westport, NY at about 4AM, and arrived at our destination at about 4PM. Another LONG day of traveling. M did well, but by about 1PM, she was ready to be done. 

Every summer since 2008, we have spent at least one weekend at our good friends' family cabin here, and we were totally thrilled to be able to go this year and take M. (2009, 2011)

Our weekend was full of friends, fantastic food (per the usual), some good beer (particularly a coffee stout from Williamsburg Ale Werks), card games + bowl of nouns (best game EVER!), and of course, swimming in the river!

M enjoying dinner on the porch one evening with her dad

Swimming time!

She LOVED the river!

And one more collage I stole from our friend Laura!

After 2 full days of fun at the cabin, we packed our car up AGAIN, drove to Richmond where we spent the night, and then finally headed back to Charlotte the next day after 11 nights on the road and over 2,300 miles put on my car. It was a BIG trip with a little baby, but we made lots of memories and had a fun time!

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