Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Around here... (2013 version)

Last year at the beginning of October, I was very pregnant, and I wrote this post. I thought I might copy myself and do it again this year...

Needing to accomplish ALL the birthday "to-do's" on my list before someone's big party later this month

Reading Mrs. Kennedy and Me by Clint Hill (and lots of Sandra Boynton).

Hoping my baby behaves well on the plane ride to Boston this weekend

Watching Homeland, Parenthood, Parks and Rec, Modern Family! Sad that Breaking Bad has come to an end, but glad so many favorites have returned. Thinking of starting Veep soon.

Sleeping in. This is one of my favorite parts about being home with my girl. I don't miss my 5:30AM alarm clock from when I was teaching.

Wearing skinny jeans and infinity scarves and flowy open cardigans...and baby is wearing sweet bows (when she leaves them in) and shoes now that she's walking all over the place

Feeling very bittersweet about someone's upcoming first birthday. I love everything about eleven months old and how she's like a little sponge who is learning so much all the time, but I am still in disbelief that she's going to be ONE on the 25th.

Spending our days outside. Fall in North Carolina is just perfect!

Listening to Sesame Street Pandora most days! If I'm by myself, I'm still listening to The Civil Wars' new album on repeat.

Enjoying the calm before the storm. September was a very quiet and easy going month with no traveling after a very busy summer. October, November and December are about to get very busy again with more showers, bachelorette parties, birthdays holidays. It's been nice to have 4 full weeks of calm.

Dining out with friends and our little one. I am thankful that we're still able to take her out and about for meals. I know our days of this are probably numbered...

Dating ...well, not too much these days. But that's okay. We have some fun plans coming up in the next few weeks and months!

Daydreaming about a birthday trip to Napa. I turn 30 at the end of November, and this is all I really want for my birthday...even if it's not till the spring!

Wondering what will my sweet girl be doing next year at this time? I am pretty sure the start of October each year will make me very nostalgic as I look back on years past with my almost birthday girl. It's crazy to think a year ago I was wondering who she would look like, and now I'm wondering what sort of fun things she'll be doing next year.


  1. Amazing what can happen in a year...simply amazing! M is such a mover and a shaker with puppy dog in tow!!!

  2. What a fun way to capture a snapshot of your life! We have that same sweet stuffed puppy - our little MC loves it!

  3. I literally live like an hour from napa!!!