Tuesday, October 29, 2013

First Birthday Fun

What a FUN weekend we have had! I was sad to see it go on Sunday night.

For M's birthday we had LOTS of family come to town to celebrate with us, which was such a blessing since we have no family locally here in Charlotte (or even in NC, for that matter!).

Before I blog about her fun party this past weekend, I want to write about this past Friday, her actual birthday. 

When I put her to be on Thursday night, I gave her an extra big hug and we rocked a little longer than usual, knowing that in the morning, she'd look the same and pretty much be the same little lady I put to bed, but as any mom knows, there's a definite change that occurs when your baby wakes up on her birthday.

Here she is with my mom on Thursday before bed. I'm pretty sure they were watching Elmo on my mom's phone. My big girl LOVED having her Gigi here with us last week. She's in Detox mode now that it's just boring old mom and dad.

On Friday morning, she woke up in a great mood and had some eggs for breakfast that J made her. 

After she decided she was "done" with her eggs, my mom, J, and I sang happy birthday to her with a candle on a chocolate donut!

Pretty sure she liked it! She just didn't like having sticky fingers!

On Friday mornings, we go to music class, which is her favorite activity of the week (she adores her music teacher)! It was even more fun on her birthday, because not only did we get to sing happy birthday to her, but her Gigi got to come with us!

I got her this shirt back in August specifically for her birthday month!

After music, we came back home for a quick morning nap, and when she woke up, my sister and her boyfriend had arrived with their 2 beagles. They drove through the night from New York City to spend the weekend celebrating our little girl. When she got up and came downstairs to see her new guests, she was definitely most excited by all the dogs! No surprise there!

We took everyone to lunch at Chuy's, and then played by the fountain outside after we were done. It doesn't take much to make my girl happy!

After her afternoon nap (which was way too short due to all the fun she knew she was missing!), we had a pizza night in and played at home with all her visitors! Her first birthday was a low key one, but absolutely perfect. And amazingly, I didn't cry all day (but tears were definitely shed Thursday night!).


  1. What a perfectly happy day for the birthday girl!!

  2. YAY for M!!! She's using a fork?? When did you start that??!!!

    1. She started using a fork maybe 2 months ago? I often put the food on it for her, but then she'll put it in her mouth!

  3. What a wonderful, wonderful day to celebrate your love's first birthday. Happy birthday to Maggie and happy "birth" day to you ;)

  4. looks like she had a great birthday! Happy Birthday Maggie!

  5. It looks like she was loving that doughnut!!!