Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Gigi and Granddaddy come to Charlotte

This past weekend, my parents came for a visit to the Queen City. We had a great time showing them some of our favorite spots in town. And this is no surprise, but M was spoiled rotten for the weekend. She loves her Gigi and Grandaddy (and they certainly lover her!).

They got here on Saturday at lunch time, so went to JJ's Red Hots for Hotdogs for lunch, followed by some popsicles from King of Pops! I got a cucumber mint pop to share with M, and it was so fresh and delicious. I would love to enjoy one of these each night after dinner.

After lunch we went to Freedom Park to walk around some and enjoy the play area. 
It was a perfectly, beautiful fall day. Too nice to not spend the day outside!

She had fun showing her grandparents her new ability to walk, and led my mom all over the jungle gym.

I think it's pretty obvious that these two are just as smitten with her as she is of them!

Oh hey big girl!


  1. I love King of Pops! I got the cucumber one too! Look how big Maggie is!

  2. Such great pictures! Maggie is just too cute!