Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lord of the Rings Wedding!

This past weekend we headed north, back to Westport, New York for J's cousin's wedding.
It wasn't just any ol' wedding. This was a Lord of the Rings themed wedding!

I had never been to theme wedding before, but I have to admit, I kinda only want to attend themed weddings from here on out! I am not even a LOTR fan (I sort of slept through the first movie...that's as much as I know about LOTR), but this was such a fun night! I told J I want to go back in time and throw a Harry Potter wedding. He definitely gave me a big eye roll...

But anyhow...check out the adorable bride and groom!

The wedding was held on the farm of a family friend in town, and oh my word, it was just the perfect backdrop for a fall wedding. Our trees here in Charlotte have not begun to change, but the trees in New England were gorgeous last weekend.

Most of the guests were something that played into the theme...some got very into it! Jeb and I both wore elf ears. And I tied a gold ribbon around Maggie an called her the ring! The costumes plus the great decorations just made for such a fun evening.

Here's Gandolf, he officiated the wedding, followed by the groom and all of his groomsmen. They looked great!

In between the wedding ceremony and the reception, they had a "town square" set up for the guests to take part in. It involved games, painting pumpkins, breakfast and second breakfast, and an archery station! This was definitely a first!

My little music lover was enamored with the minstrel and their instruments.

M was a trooper staying out late and only getting a short afternoon nap in the the end of the evening she was a bit of an angry elf baby...

Congratulations Shannon and Tyler! We're so happy for you!!


  1. This is fabulous. The photo of you holding the bow and arrow is my favorite. New profile picture? :)

  2. Archery while baby wearing!! :) That's awesome!!

  3. Cute pictures. I can't believe how much hair M is getting! Shelby is jealous!! :(

  4. HILARIOUS! I want to go to a Harry Potter wedding. Maybe we can just have a big HP party? #dorks

  5. Oh my goodness! I have never been to a theme wedding! This would be awesome.