Saturday, November 23, 2013

Christmas with

Last year was M's first Christmas, and while it was magical and wonderful, she also slept a great deal of the day because she was just 8 weeks old on Christmas morning. This year is going to be a whole new story! We're prepared for her to knock over our tree a time or two (I don't really see another option with a 13 month old....any tips for a toddler plus a tree?), learn how to say "ho ho ho," get a crying picture with Santa, and indulge in a Christmas cookie or two (or possibly many more!).

We had our Christmas card photos taken a few weeks ago around her birthday, and I just cannot wait to get our cards picked out and in the mail. There's nothing I love more than checking my mailbox for cards through out December. As much seeing my friends and staying in touch with them through social media, nothing beats snail mail at Christmas time!

The creative artists and designers over at Minted have put together some great cards this's going to be tough to choose just one! I love how each of their cards can be customized in so many ways making it easy to find just the perfect card for your family. Here are a few favorites:

Minted has also started a new blog where they share all kinds of clever party, holiday, and gift ideas...Julep. Their blog is full of fun holiday tips, crafts, and party decor printables. And it has much more than just holiday fun, there are also great resources for weddings and brides and general home decor. 

This past week Julep featured a Scratch Off Advent Calendar that you can make at home. How fun is that? Didn't you love "scratch offs" as a kid? After printing the cards from the PDF they provide, all you need is some acrylic paint, dish soap, a paintbrush, and contact paper. How fun would this be for older children?

While M is still a little too young for this now, I am thinking of printing it off and putting it together to send as a small surprise to a friend who has older children so that they can enjoy it this December. And I'll definitely be downloading it and saving it to use with my own family as my child gets older! 

Some other fun Christmas tutorials you can find on the Julep blog...

And if you're looking for a last minute Thanksgiving craft...

The Julep blog is just chock full of great ideas and inspiration for this holiday season. 

What sort of fun holiday crafts and decorations are you looking forward to this year?

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  1. Ooh I really like that leather banner! And my vote is for glad tidings...not a phrase commonly used on Christmas cards. Can't wait to see what you actually choose though! As for the tree...good luck to us all!