Friday, November 8, 2013

Five on Friday: Broken Computer Edition

Oh my little blog, how I have missed you this past week! 

Last Thursday, after I wrote about our Halloween neighborhood party, my computer decided to just crash on me. After one trip to the Apple store last month, I went back, and ended up getting it wiped clean with a new ram and new hardware (thank goodness for our Apple Time Machine for backing everything up for me). The Apple Store called me yesterday and I was able to pick it up again. All of this to say, I've had so much I've wanted to blog about, but no computer to blog on! And I've missed my little home here on the web. 

Since it's Friday, I figured I'd play along with April and friends for Five on Friday!

This week's 5: 5 Things I didn't get to blog about this week since I was computer-less...

1. Ears! As of this week, M can now show you where her ears are, with all the excitement and gusto you could possibly wrap up into one tiny person. And it's pretty darn adorable.

2. Last weekend I had my first night away from the baby since she was born last October...and it was absolutely wonderful. Being a nursing mom, getting away for a long period of time isn't easy, but now that her feedings have really decreased, it's certainly doable! My best friend from home is getting married in December. so we celebrated with her for her bachelorette party in the mountains of Virginia at a spa with all her close friends. I could not have asked for a better first night away from my girl! Nothing beats a day at the spa in the mountains and a fun night out with friends. Also?? I should add that M and J did just fine without me! 

(PS....thank goodness for good instagram filters that hide super greasy masseuse was way into rubbing her hands through my hair, and after 2 shampoos that afternoon, I gave in and embraced the greasy look!)

3. Now that I have my computer back, I can blog all about M's first birthday party! That's at the top of my list for next week! I cannot wait to share!

4. Starting to think about Christmas and all the fun and shopping that comes along with that. I've started to make some lists and do some brainstorming for some gifts, but I really need to get the ball rolling. I wish I were one of those people who had all my shopping done by now, but alas, I don't think that will ever be me! And on a semi related note...I walked through The Container Store today, and me oh my...they have some CUTE Christmas gift wrap! I really don't need any wrapping paper for gifts this year, but I almost picked up a roll of two today!

5. I started  watching Scandal. Finally! After months and months of hearing about it on twitter, and then my BFF and my mom telling me to watch it, I've given in. And turns out....they were all right. It's pretty addictive!


  1. Looking forward to seeing M's birthday party!

    I love Container Store paper too. I got mine at Paper Source this's such easy paper to work with!

  2. Good for you on getting away! I bet you had a blast!

  3. I'm such a sucker for cute gift wrap! I wish there was a Container Store in my town! Stopping by your blog for the first time! Hope y'all have a great weekend!

  4. Boo for a broken computer but I can't wait to see the birthday party pics!

  5. scandal is sooo addicting.

  6. Container Store's paper is the BEST. I'm going to miss my old discount on it this year! It's fantastic!

    Can't wait to "hear" all about Maggie's birthday party!

  7. I'm so lost on Christmas lists, share if you have good ideas!

  8. I'm obsessed with Christmas wrapping paper. Somehow I always seem to have plenty of it (even in July) but then I run out of birthday wrapping paper...whoops! New follower and a fellow JMU Duke! :)

  9. Oh, how I long for my first night of rest! Haha! I have gotten so used to getting up with Gabe, of course, that it's not a huge deal any more...but it will be so nice to get a full night of rest without having to wake up once or twice!

    Can't wait to see more birthday pictures!

  10. I'm a scandal addict too thanks to my friend :) it's so good!

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