Thursday, December 19, 2013

30 on the 30th

Two and half weeks ago, I celebrated my 30th birthday on November 30. It was a low key day, but extra special because my parents were still in town. On the 29th, they stayed with M and J and I headed out for drinks, dinner, and a movie. We had dinner at Block and Grinder here in Charlotte, and oh my my. It's a new favorite! It's the perfect place to enjoy a steak or a rack of ribs. We saw Dallas Buyer's Club and loved it. Quite sad, but great movie.

On my actual birthday, we got up that morning and went out in the cold to meet my friend Jenna who was here in Charlotte visiting family. She has a sweet little boy who is one month older than M, so we decided to meet at a park. Our other good friend from home, Sarah, who lives in Charlotte, met us at the park for some play time with the babies!

After a nap, we watched some football (my dad is Virginia Tech Hokie!) and played at home. While my mom fixed us all dinner, J, M, and I went to pick out a Christmas tree. This was one of my only requests for my birthday. Pick out a tree and decorate it!

We came home and had crab cakes and asparagus, and then followed it all up with cookie cake (another request I made!)

After celebrating all three of our birthdays within 4 weeks, I'm pretty sure my child thinks this is just what we do now after dinner!

It was a wonderful "golden" birthday. Excited to see what excitement and fun is in store for me in the next year!


  1. It sounds like you had a great time celebrating! Mmmmmm, cookie cake...

  2. happy birthday! :) the 30s aren't so bad :)

  3. Oh, and cookie cake is our birthday dessert of choice, too. LOVE IT! :)

  4. It sounds like it was a wonderful Birthday!