Friday, January 31, 2014

5 on Fri! Things I'm Loving Right Now...

Linking up with April and friends today with 5 things I'm loving this week....

1. This amazing and unique jazz cover of One Direction's "Story of My Life" different from the original but fabulous!

2. Lately my facebook has been full of so much "junk" and I've found that it's kind of tough to filter out the good and bad these days. Last week I read these 2 articles on being a mom and wife, and man, both are so great. It's worth the read if you're like me and trying to figure out how to balance being a great mom and a great wife. 
Before You Were Mommy

3. I just bought these magnets for M from Amazon a couple of weeks ago and we're huge fans. 

They are a great distraction when I'm cooking or cleaning up the kitchen as she moves them back and forth from the front of our fridge to our dishwasher (2 thumbs up for appliances that look stainless but still hold magnets!). We also have fun talking about the animals and asking her to go get certain ones. It's amazing how much she can understand. Also....forgive me for the random "bowl on her head" picture, but this was mid play with the magnets, as you can see them behind her. Can you tell it's been a cold and cooped up week over here?

4. This ice cream from Target. It is my new favorite.

5. About a month ago we started watching Sons of Anarchy on Netflix thanks to a few friends' suggestions, and I think it's safe to say we're hooked! It's a little violent, but I'm completely sucked in.  We're about halfway through season 2 now. Thinking of taking a quick break for the new season of House of Cards that comes out in a couple of weeks (!!!), but then we'll be back to the motorcycle club!

Happy Friday Friends!!


  1. I need that ice cream in my life!! Haha! I just added it to my target shopping list! :P
    And I'm totally looking into those magnets. Ari LOVES magnets!

    PS. I couldn't find your email address (though I KNOW I have it somewhere!). Wanted to know if you'd be interested in a mommy blogger interview?? I'm setting up a series of blogger interview posts! :)

  2. If I could choose one dessert to eat for the rest of my life, it would be ice cream. No doubt. So I'm so happy you shared this! Looks absolutely delish! I don't have any kiddos yet, but I'm loving on those adorable magnets! Happy Friday!

    Khala @ The Birdie Bowl

  3. As a story of my life song fan, I am listening to this rendition right now!!! Ohhh yeah! Love it! Thanks for sharing, girlie. How fun!!! And that ice cream!? Perfection. Happy weekend, gorgeous!!! xx

  4. that ice cream looks delicious! And i'm so jealous that you have appliances that look stainless but still hold magnets...ours unfortunately don't hold any magnet! frustrating for this momma!

  5. Oh boy. Target makes light ice cream? This is dangerous information. That sounds sooo good. And I loved SOA. I stopped watching last season after a certain plot twist I couldn't get over. So as not to spoil anything, that's all I'll say. Maybe one day I'll catch up and watch again but for now, I'm done.

  6. The questions that will save your relationship was a great article! I found it on Facebook too!

  7. Omg that ice cream looks amazing!!!! And my husband is addicted to Sons of Anarchy...he's watched like 5 seasons in the last month haha.