Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Getting my "fix"....volume 2

Back in July, I ordered my first "fix" from Stitch Fix. I loved my experience with them, and knew I'd want to order again, but held off for a few months since I knew I really didn't need anything for the fall. 

My second fix arrived last week, and like last time, I was really pleased with the pieces my stylist picked for me! Here's a peek and breakdown of what came in my box....I am no fashion blogger, so you're not getting any pictures of me in the outfits! I would look like a fool! But I did snap a pic of the items plus the style card (which is oh so helpful!) that Stitch Fix includes in the box. 

1. Le Sample Kahlo Embroidered Racerback Tank, $48.00

I really loved this piece!! So different from anything else in wardrobe, nice quality, and I think it's pretty versatile. Also love that it can be used now in the cold months with a cute cardigan or in the summer. This one is definitely a keeper.

2. 41 Hawthorn Maddy Ponte Fit & Flare Dress, $78.00

While this dress was adorable and fit me perfectly, it ended up going back. I did love it, but I just didn't have a good reason to keep it. If I was still teaching, I would have snatched it right up. It would have made a wonderful addition to my teaching wardrobe, but as a mommy who rarely gets to go out in the evenings (and when I do, it's usually more casual!), I just couldn't justify spending the money to keep it. Beautiful dress though!

3. 41 Hawthorn Addison Striped Knit Cardigan, $48.00

Even though I already have more than enough open, flowy cardigans like this, I knew I was keeping this the minute I pulled it out of the box. I LOVE this piece and have already worn it since I got my box last week! I paired it with gray corduroy skinnies, a white tank, and flats...and I loved it! Again, another great piece for colder months and spring.

4. Bay to Bauble Kendall Tear Drop Necklace, $38.00 (no style card for this one)

While I thought this necklace was pretty and definitely fit my style, I decided to send it back. I already have several necklaces in this style and a few in different styles but same colors. I couldn't justify spending almost $40 on a necklace that didn't have space in my collection.

5. Margaret M, Kayla Skinny Jeans, $98.00

(I didn't snap a picture of the jeans, because there was just no way I could photograph them well!)

While these fit me perfectly (which really surprised me! I would not have expected a pair of pants to fit my body well that someone who doesn't know me picked out for me), and I really loved the color and style, they got sent back too. I just don't need pants right now, especially at almost $100. Had they been $50 or under, I would have considered them. 

And there you have it! I was once again really pleased and excited to get my Stitch Fix! If you haven't tried yet, here's a quick breakdown of how it works...

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet? If not, what is holding you back?
Happy styling!

*I was not paid to review my package from Stitch Fix, but referral links have been used! Once you get a Stitch Fix, you can earn $25 when referring a friend!*


  1. Oh my....I love the first top!!! I might have to try this...

  2. I really want to try this once I'm out of maternity clothes!!!

  3. Cute stuff! I love that dress! And I have that cardigan in a different color scheme--so comfy!

  4. I still haven't bitten the bullet on this one... I just can't decide if it's stuff I would pay for if I found them in a store.

  5. That's great that you've loved a lot of the stuff they've sent you. I tried them a few times and out of all the shipments I only kept one thing. The prices were just a little too high even when I kept telling them that wasn't my price range.