Wednesday, January 8, 2014

12-15 Month Favorites!

Back when M was a wee little one, I did a favorites list for some things we loved in her first three months of life. 

Since then a great deal has changed and other items have come and gone. And these days at fourteen and half months, she actually doesn't NEED all that much! In the early days, their was so much gear. I guess none of it was truly necessary, but as I'm sure most moms would attest to, it sure made our lives easier. 

These days, she really doesn't need much at all. Heck, I should just post a picture of some necklaces and my keys below, because if we're being honest, those are the only thing she cares about these days! However, we do do have a handful of products that we really love and I thought I'd highlight a few of them on here today. 

1. Touch and Feel Picture Cards...a friend had these and we got to play with them at her house, and I immediately came home and ordered a few sets for M. These are so great to entertain her in the car (because there are so many, they last forever!) and she also plays with them at home. Right now she just touches them and looks at them, but I definitely think they'll be a great language tool and conversation piece for when she's a little older. She also knows a few of her cards by name now (dog and ball) and it's neat seeing her being able to identify them! Also, they make great birthday presents!

2. Halo Sleepsack Wearable Blankets...M transitioned from a swaddle to a sleepsack almost a year ago, and here we are at fourteen months, still LOVING her sleepsack. I like that it keeps her warm and cozy while also making it harder for her to climb the sides of her crib! Eventually we'll have to move our way out of the sleepsack, but I don't see that happening soon!

3. Playtex Straw Cups...we used regular sippy cups for awhile, but M just could not get the concept of holding her cup up above her head to drink out of it, which meant that she had to have someone hold it up for her. Thankfully, these straw cups make it easy for her to drink on her own and she doesn't need our help with them! I also love these because when you first introduce it, you can squeeze them to make the liquid come up which helps the baby learn to suck. These are pretty much all we use now!

4. Ikea BUSA Tunnel....this might be the greatest toy you can buy for $14.99! It's fun, entertaining, doesn't make noise or light up, can be used indoors or outdoors, and it collapses small enough to put behind your sofa. And again....$14.99. We love this thing. 

5. Retract-A-Gate...if you have a mobile baby and stairs in your home, you will need gate. There's no getting around it. And I am 100% certain that this is the BEST gate out there. It is does just like the name retracts! Which means when you aren't using it, you don't see it! It's so easy to open and close (I can do it one handed), and when it's in the locked position, your baby can press on it with all their weight and it won't budge (we know from experience!). I have told so many friends about this gate because I truly believe it's the best. Thank you again to Brittany for sharing it with me! 

6. Chicco NextFit...when we registered for M's infant carrier, it didn't feel so overwhelming because there really aren't that many infant carriers out there. But when we decided to switch to a convertible seat....holy moly! There are SO many choices and the prices range from $55 - $300+! There are so many good seats out there, and I think a lot comes down to personal preference and how much you care about extra conveniences and bells and whistles. One friend reminded me that you could have the most expensive seat on the market, and if you've installed it poorly or not buckled your child in right, it doesn't do you any good. After doing some research and testing out a few in the store, we went with the NextFit. Why? 2 reasons....1 - we loved our Chicco infant carrier (Keyfit 30), so I liked the idea of sticking with that brand since our first experience was good and 2 - it's almost impossible to install this seat incorrectly.'s the easiest thing to install and uninstall. I liked that this was a seat that I could install on my own and feel very confident that I was installing it properly into any vehicle I found myself having to use. 

So there you have it. 
A few our favorite things right now. 
What have you found is a necessity in your home in this age range? 

**Disclaimer: Affiliate links have been used in this post, but I was not paid to write about the items above. I'm sharing them because I truly have been pleased with each of the items!**


  1. So glad we aren't the only ones still wearing our sleepsacks. I felt like we were!! Audrey is 17 months and still loves hers!

  2. We LOVED those flash cards!

  3. So glad you posted this today! In preparing for baby #3 I started looking around yesterday for lists of newborn favorites and I'm so glad you linked your old list. It is amazing what I've forgotten in 18 months! I am so excited about that breastfeeding tank!
    We are still in the sleepsaks too and can't imagine getting out of them anytime soon. Its such a part of the kids bedtime routine. That retract a gate is now on its way to our house.

  4. Shelby hasn't figured out the straw cups yet. I bought 2 and such a waste right now. :(

  5. I had my mom make some sleep sacks for BG and I LOVE them! She used fleece for winter and lightweight cotton for later on...hoping this keeps him warm at night and from making any leaps out of his crib! PS I'm ordering those flash cards just because you said so. :)

  6. totally agree with these! Parker wore a sleep sack til he was about 16 months, he still loooves his tunnel, and we bought those exact flashcrds which are well-loved at this point!

  7. Monroe wore his sleep sack until about 2.5 (when he couldn't fit them anymore!) He was such a wild sleeper that I never felt confident he'd keep the covers on and his room is the coldest in our house (wish I'd realized that before I set it up as a nursery). I definitely think it discouraged him from trying to get out of his crib. We had knit for fall and a fleece for winter and still do footie pjs pretty much year round for both boys.

    I seriously debated buying that tunnel for Gray (exactly a week older than maggie). Now I'm kicking myself because I didn't.