Thursday, February 6, 2014


I have so many photos from the past few weeks. 
Here's a quick post sharing what we've been up to lately...

Celebrating at a friend's first birthday party

Playing in M's play tent from Ikea. This little tent is about 3x3x3 feet and there's nothing my child loves more than for me or her 6'4" father to get in here with her. This is a new favorite evening activity.

These two....thick as thieves

We got some snow last week!
Only an inch but M had fun exploring. 
Also, there's nothing cuter than a child bundled up in snow gear!

And then 3 days later, we didn't even need our coats outside. 
Crazy mother nature!
Notice M's necklace. She wears a necklace any chance she gets these days. 
She's obsessed and it's pretty funny.

And these two pictures. This girl makes us laugh so much!


  1. Adorable! How many teeth does she have now? I counted last night and Shelby has 12 then 2 more(her fangs) are breaking through which will total 14! ;\

  2. i wish we had an ikea. perhaps a visit west should be in my future! F needs a tunnel big time, he currently crawls under the dog.

  3. Sweet! She is such a good combo of you and your hubby, and has the prettiest smile:)

  4. I really love the pictures of you guys in the tent! Great parents do whatever it takes to play with their kids and make them happy! :)