Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow Week

I know, I know. It's Valentine's Day and you're probably tired of seeing and hearing about all the snow here in the south. And if you already follow me on instagram, You've already seen a bunch of our snow pics! But for posterity's take, here's our snow week (7.6 inches of snow and .18 inches of ice according to our local weatherman was the final count after 3 days of snow!).



Our "creative"sled

He later got a carrot nose and some bottle top buttons and eyes!

In addition to the actual snow, our snow week has also included: Lots of Netflix and Olympics, a spaghetti night, our camping tent in our living room, brownies, lots of book reading, and we've brushed our teeth a lot (a new favorite activity of a certain toddler).

Hope you stayed warm and had fun if the snow came your way this week!


  1. I like your sled! What a perfect idea.

  2. The sled cracks me up! Glad you all have had a fun time!

  3. Like I said on FB, love the sled too!

  4. that sled is amazing! looks like you've had a really fun time enjoying the snow!

  5. Love her in her little snow outfit! So fun! I can't wait to show Elise snow someday.

  6. Your sled cracks me up. Todd takes mk on sleigh rides around the house in the laundry basket nd she lives it!